Matt smith wearing a fez

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matt smith wearing a fez

Matt Smith Quotes (9 quotes)

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Doctor Who- Fezzes Are Cool

A fez was a type of brimless hat. Ibrahim Namin (TV: I wear a fez now. Fezzes are During a visit with the Eleventh Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith tried on his fez.

matt smith wearing a fez

Hat TV Felt. As any self-respecting nerd will tell you, fezzes are cool! This red felt fez is soft to the touch and looks great. It fits an average-sized adult head, but also looks good perched precariously on an oversized melon. It's what you need to complete your look, if your look is men's fraternal organization or time traveling madman. These are the only sizes for this item.

He is played by Matt Smith , [4] in three series as well as five specials, over an almost four-year-long period. As with previous incarnations of the Doctor, the character has also appeared in other Doctor Who multimedia. At the end of life, the Doctor can regenerate his body; in doing so, his personality and physical appearance change. Smith's incarnation is a quick-tempered but compassionate man whose youthful appearance is at odds with his more discerning and world-weary temperament. He also frequently appeared alongside River Song Alex Kingston , a fellow time traveller with whom he shared a romantic storyline, and was the last Doctor to appear alongside the long-serving companion Sarah Jane Smith Elisabeth Sladen prior to the actress' death, featuring in two episodes of the spin-off programme The Sarah Jane Adventures.

See More by TrackHopper. Featured in collections. Doctor Who stuff by ScribbleTex. Doctor Who by moonlightshifts. If You Give a Doctor a Fez.

David Tennant's Agatha Christie Was A Big Easter Egg

Doctor Who 's latest episode, " Kerblam! In this week's adventure, Team TARDIS were whisked to a future where humans struggled to find work due to a widespread preference for robotic employees. Tipped off by an anonymous plea for help, the Doctor and her companions seek the message's source at Kerblam! The episode's final act manages to subvert the expectations of both the Doctor and of viewers by revealing that the request for help didn't come from a human employee, but from Kerblam! The system had discovered that a political activist had infiltrated the company and was planning on committing an act of mass murder to try and break society's trust in robotic employees. Needless to say, the Doctor soon put a stop to that. With an intriguing mystery, creepy villains and sharp social commentary, "Kerblam!

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