Why would a dog pee on a person

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why would a dog pee on a person

Pee Quotes (18 quotes)

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Submissive Urination when Greeting

How Can I Stop My Dog from Peeing on Strangers?

If your new housebroken puppy or rescued dog occasionally pees on the floor for no apparent reason, then you might have a dog with a submissive or excitement urination issue. Any inappropriate urination , regardless of where it occurs, could signal an underlying health problem, so it's worth knowing what submissive or excitement urination looks like and when something more serious may be going on with your dog. For older dogs, occasional incontinence is not unusual, though you should still have your dog evaluated by your veterinarian in case of a health problem. For housebroken puppies , it often takes some serious sleuthing to find the root of the problem. Dogs that urinate submissively are trying to appease someone they see as "socially dominant" and to escape being punished. Submissive dogs pee when they're greeted, when someone approaches, and when there's a history of rough treatment or punishment after inappropriate peeing. This is common in rescued dogs and shy, anxious, and timid dogs.

Adrienne is a certified dog trainer, former veterinary assistant, and the author of "Brain Training for Dogs. While you greet your guests with a warm "hello" and a vigorous handshake, Rover, your unscrupulous dog, may decide to sniff their shoes and hike his leg, peeing on your guests as if it was the most natural behavior in the world. What gives? Of course, nobody enjoys this form of "greeting," and it's definitively something that cannot be ignored; indeed, that warm pee quickly seeps into those shoes and pant legs! If you're wondering why Rover seems so intent on "watering" your guests, you'll have to put on your critical hat on and immerse yourself in some canine psychology.

Christmas was kind to me this year. I got some gift cards, some underwear, some cookies, a hummingbird feeder and a drill. This was actually the day after Christmas. That was when Jinjja — either because he was stressed out or wanted to show all those other dogs that I belonged to him — lifted his leg and enjoyed a nice long pee on my pants leg. He was rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea, so I expected to face some unique behavior, in addition to all the other new dog issues. The one with the five dogs. Then about five more times he started to lift his leg, but stopped when I yelled at him.

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My 90 lb bernese mountain dog is a real sweetheart. He loves everyone — dog and human alike and is very gentle. The problem is, I live in an area with a number of tourists. Can you explain this behaviour and tell me how I can stop it? Hi Bruce, thanks for writing in with an excellent question! As we all know, dogs need to urinate to relieve themselves and to mark their territory and pass on their scent.


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