What is human nature about

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what is human nature about

Human Nature Quotes (1908 quotes)

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Michael Jackson - (Story Behind) Human Nature - GMJHD

"Human Nature" is a song performed by American singer Michael Jackson, and the fifth single from his landmark sixth solo album, Thriller. It was originally.

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Human nature is a bundle of characteristics, including ways of thinking , feeling , and acting , which humans are said to have naturally. The term is controversial because it is disputed whether or not such an essence exists. Arguments about human nature have been a mainstay of philosophy for centuries and the concept continues to provoke lively philosophical debate. Debates about human nature are related to, although not the same as, debates about the comparative importance of genes and environment in development " nature versus nurture ". The concept of nature as a standard by which to make judgments is traditionally said to have begun in Greek philosophy , at least as regards the Western and Middle Eastern languages and perspectives which are heavily influenced by it. The teleological approach of Aristotle came to be dominant by late classical and medieval times.

Print or Download this book. We assume human nature is unchangeable, but when the redeeming explanation of the human condition is finally found, as it now is, humans are transformed! Written by Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith , Wilson has put forward in his theory of Eusociality, but the psychosis-addressing-and-solving, real explanation of it. In fact, why are we so ruthlessly competitive, selfish and brutal that human life has become all but unbearable and we have nearly destroyed our own planet?!

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It was originally written by keyboardist Steve Porcaro , based on a conversation he had had with his young daughter Heather after a hard day at school. Porcaro, along with some of his bandmates from the band Toto , had been assisting with the production of Thriller , but he had not intended for "Human Nature" to be used by Jackson. However, Thriller producer Quincy Jones inadvertently heard a demo version of the track and thought it would be a great fit for the album. Jones then brought in songwriter John Bettis to rewrite the verses, whose lyrics are about a passerby in New York City. Like the four Thriller singles before it, the song became a top 10 hit in the US; it reached number two on Billboard ' s Adult Contemporary chart and number seven on the Hot In Canada and the Netherlands, the single reached number The single was not released in the UK.

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