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dateline to catch a predator 2018

To Catch a Predator: Protecting Your Kids from Online Enemies Already in Your Home by Chris Hansen

A never-before-written exposé on catching child predators, from the creator of the powerful NBC Dateline series

Over 40,000,000 Americans have seen Dateline NBC’s ongoing “To Catch a Predator” series, with an average of 11 million viewers per episode. So far, the Dateline series has led to the arrest of 183 men and shown that child predators can be anyone—even those most trusted in the community—including rabbis, doctors, and teachers.

In his book To Catch a Predator, Chris Hansen, the creator and on-air correspondent for Dateline’s most successful series, looks deeper into the world of child predators. The book expands beyond the Dateline series to include commentary from psychological and criminal experts about the origins and methods of child predators, and includes substantive advice for both parents and children on how to protect kids on the Internet. Hansen also looks at the current methods for treating child predators and interviews several of the men seen on the Dateline show to follow up on their lives since being arrested. To Catch a Predator presents a strong analysis of what some feel is a child predator epidemic and a startling look at the shortcomings of our systems and society.

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Hansen vs. Predator: Chris Hansen catches a plumber on the prowl - Crime Watch Daily

'To Catch a Predator' host Chris Hansen arrested over $13,000 in bounced checks

Sign in. No host? No problem. Watch funny moments, inspiring speeches, and more highlights from the Emmy Awards. Watch now. Title: To Catch a Predator — Crime journalists explore unsolved murders and shocking felonies, revealing mystery and drama during everyday reports.

Originally published in the September issue. Click here for more on this story, and here for an update. A cop guards the open gateway that leads from the house's driveway to the side yard, in case the man inside attempts to flee. At first the camera is static and the shot is simple: the cop, the gateway, vertical red fence planks, a right foreground portion of green bush. After a few minutes of this, the cameraman starts playing with the composition. The screen fills almost entirely with the bush, and then the view pans left from the bush to the cop, who is big and bald and has three upside-down blue V's -- sergeant stripes -- on the sleeve of his shirt. The cameraman zooms in past the cop to the patio area beyond, to a lattice of firewood and the blur of something green.

In mid-August, the police department in Fairfield, Connecticut, received a most unusual phone call. It was from Chris Hansen, former host of the infamous NBC reality series To Catch A Predator , which filmed the arrests of men caught soliciting sex from underage decoys online. Hansen informed the department that he was setting up a sex sting in Fairfield that would mirror the operations he became famous for a decade ago, with one key difference: This time, he was going at it without the backing of a major—or any—television network. It was just Hansen and his small team of producers, technicians, and security personnel. Predator , as Hansen named the project, had quietly scouted for a staging house in town and had already courted an array of putative predators on social media. Hansen vs. Fairfield had never conducted such an operation, and had not identified the online solicitation of underage partners as a particularly large problem facing the community.

It sparked ratings magic for years, and attracted plenty of controversy of its own along the way. Sure, it made for compelling television , but were Hansen and his crew really the good guys here? Did To Catch a Predator perform a public service, or was it just another ratings-hungry reality series?
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  1. To Catch a Predator is an American reality television series featuring hidden camera investigations by the television news magazine program Dateline NBC hosted by Chris Hansen.

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