Maulana abul kalam azad biography in urdu

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maulana abul kalam azad biography in urdu

Tazkirah by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

One of the finest works of Urdu language. It is part history, part biography, part religious tome, part soliloquy, part personal musings, and part Abul Kalam Azad relishing in the echo of his own voice and sheer vanity. Tazkirah is a fascinating look at Muslim history of India through a very personalized lens. Azads analysis of various religious controversies and religious movements of India (such as the Mehdawiyyah) provides much fodder for thought. However, his overly embellished account of his own intellectual and ancestral lineage is a bit self-absorbed. And above all its a great work to challenge and improve ones Urdu with. I am personally not an admirer of Azad, but I absolutely adore this work of his.
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Aashiq - e- Vatan - Maulana Azad - Ep #3

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One of the front-rank leaders of Indian freedom movement and a great scholar. Born : 11 Nov , Mecca , Saudi Arabia. Abul Kalam Azad - Delhi , India. You have exhausted your free sher pages per month. Index of E-Books Book Categories.

He adopted the pen name Azad Free. In his childhood, Azad had a traditional Islamic education, along with training in subjects like mathematics, philosophy, world history and science by tutors at his home. Through his own efforts, he learnt English, along with Western philosophy, history and contemporary politics. He opposed the partition of Bengal in He was born in Mecca, but the family relocated to Calcutta in

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He was highly respected throughout his life as a man of high moral integrity. Azad was the son of an Indian Muslim scholar living in Mecca and his Arabic wife.

Early Life:. He was home schooled in Arabic, Persian , Urdu , philosophy, geometry, mathematics and algebra and taught himself English, world history, and politics. He soon developed political views that were critical of the British Raj. His subsequent visits to Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey turned him into a nationalist revolutionary. Disturbed by its popularity, the British Government put a ban on its circulation in Soon after his release from prison, he became a part of the Khilafat movement and the Non-Cooperation Movement.

Setelah kemerdekaan India, ia menjadi Menteri Pendidikan pertama di pemerintahan India. Pada ia dianugerahi secara anumerta dengan penghargaan warga negara tertinggi di India, Bharat Ratna. Ketika masih muda, Azad mengkomposisikan puisi dalam bahasa Urdu , serta risalah tentang agama dan filsafat. Ia mengembangkan keterkenalannya melalui karyanya sebagai seorang jurnalis, mempublikasikan karya-karya yang mengkritik Britania Raj dan mengemban penyebab-penyebab nasionalisme India. Azad menjadi pemimpin Gerakan Khilafat , pada saat ia bertemu langsung dengan pemimpin India Mahatma Gandhi. Pada , di usia 35 tahun, ia menjadi orang termuda yang menjabat sebagai Presiden Kongres Nasional India.

Azad, Maulana Abul Kalam a striking personality among the ranks of Muslim thinkers and political activists advocating Indian nationalism based on the unity of all religio-ethnic communities. Khairuddin left India during the sepoy revolt and proceeded to Mecca and settled there. He came back to Calcutta with his family in Azad, with his Arabic mother tongue and orthodox family background, had to pursue a traditional Islamic education. But though he did not receive any modern education institutionally, through private studies and practice, he acquired proficiency in Urdu, Persian, Hindi and English.

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  1. He is commonly remembered as Maulana Azad ; the word Maulana is an honorific meaning 'Our Master', and he had adopted Azad Free as his pen name.

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