Everything to know about werewolves

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everything to know about werewolves

The Girls Guide to Werewolves: Everything Charming about These Shape-Shifters by Jen Jones

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Published 08.01.2019

What Makes a Great Werewolf?

10 Facts About Werewolves You Didn’t Know

Werewolves literally "man-wolves" are shape-shifting creatures with unusual speed, strength, reflexes, and senses. They can be found in countless books, films, and television shows, from the horror classic, "The Wolf Man," to the "Twilight" and "Underworld" series. Though werewolves often play second fiddle to vampires and zombies in terms of pop culture man-monsters, they have a long and rich history. Traditionally, there were several ways that a person could become a werewolf. In her book "Giants, Monsters, and Dragons," folklorist Carol Rose notes that "In ancient Greece it was believed that a person could be transformed by eating the meat of a wolf that had been mixed with that of a human and that the condition was irreversible. If their magical pelt was found and taken from the werewolf-in-human-form, he or she could be killed.


In the last century, several werewolf sightings have been recorded. As myth's greatest monsters are able to do, the werewolf legend has spread across borders, even across seas and oceans. Vicious animal attacks have been reported for centuries, yet during the day no one can find a trace of the creatures responsible. Those who study mythology have long known that few creatures have the power, speed, and mindless slaughtering propensity the way that werewolves do. Before we delve into the details of these fearsome and powerful creatures, it is important that we first clear up the confusion about what a "werewolf" actually is.

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  1. Werewolves, much like vampires, are said to be mythical creatures. However, tales of these dreaded beasts have been told for centuries now. The giant.

  2. Werewolves -- Everything You Want to Know By Dr. Bob Curran. Since earliest times, legends of were-creatures -- humans who could alternate between their.

  3. Werewolves made another early appearance in Greek mythology with the Legend of Lycaon. According to the legend, Lycaon, the son of.

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