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F. Scott Fitzgerald Quotes (Author of The Great Gatsby)

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F. Scott Fitzgerald: Great American Writer - Fast Facts - History

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (September 24, – December 21, ) was an American fiction writer, whose works helped to illustrate the flamboyance and.

Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald 1900-1948

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald known as F. Scott Fitzgerald was a short story writer and novelist considered one of the pre-eminent authors in the history of American literature due almost entirely to the enormous posthumous success of his third book, The Great Gatsby. Perhaps the quintessential American novel, as well as a definitive social history of the Jazz Age, The Great Gatsby has become required reading for virtually every American high school student and has had a transportive effect on generation after generation of readers. At the age of 24, the success of his first novel, This Side of Paradise , made Fitzgerald famous. One week later, he married the woman he loved and his muse, Zelda Sayre.

The dominant influences on F. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, on September 24, , the namesake and second cousin three times removed of the author of the National Anthem. His father, Edward, was from Maryland, with an allegiance to the Old South and its values. Both were Catholics. Edward Fitzgerald failed as a manufacturer of wicker furniture in St.

Fitzgerald first rose to fame at twenty-three by chronicling those changes in This Side of Paradise Before the age of thirty he published his masterpiece, Gatsby, but its artistic maturity was stymied for a decade by alcoholism, financial problems, and the mental illness of his wife, Zelda Sayre By the time he completed Tender, the Depression had rendered the Roaring Twenties irrelevant, and Fitzgerald was considered a has-been. A half-decade later, he died in semi-obscurity, considered a failure, despite publishing short stories in his twenty-year career. Only posthumously would critics appreciate his merits, although understanding of his talent would compete with popular interest in his life and marriage.

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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald September 24, — December 21, was an American fiction writer, whose works helped to illustrate the flamboyance and excess of the Jazz Age. While he achieved popular success, fame, and fortune in his lifetime, [1] he did not receive much critical acclaim until after his death. Perhaps the most notable member of the " Lost Generation " of the s, Fitzgerald is now widely regarded as one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century. A fifth, unfinished novel, The Last Tycoon , was published posthumously. Four collections of his short stories were published, as well as short stories in magazines during his lifetime. Born in in Saint Paul, Minnesota , to an upper-middle-class family, Fitzgerald was named after his famous second cousin, three times removed on his father's side, Francis Scott Key , [2] but was always known as Scott Fitzgerald. He was also named after his deceased sister, Louise Scott Fitzgerald, [3] one of two sisters who died shortly before his birth.

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