Why girls like country boys

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why girls like country boys

Country Boy II : Still Country, The Aftermath by Blake Karrington

In the gripping sequel to the National Bestselling “County Boy” The rise and fall of a southern legend. Q and the rest of the Crew are back!
Now facing even more challenges with the feds trying to put them away for life and the emergence of a New York City Gang, that setups shop, while the crew is away. It’s a good thing they have the right women on their side. Van, Tee, and all the ladies are here to show, they hold their men down against all odds, and that pay back is a must, when you dealing in the dirty south!
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Published 16.01.2019

10 things girls like about boys (TURN ONS)

The accent.
Blake Karrington

Ladies Love Country Boys

Everyone has heard the Trace Adkins song, "Ladies Love Country Boys," and while singing along to the very catchy tune has realized that this statement was completely true. Ladies really do love country boys and here's the top eight reasons why. From the moment a girl meets a country boy, he is the "perfect" gentleman. He wants to make a good first impression with his new special lady's family so not only will he walk up to the door when he picks her up for the first date but also will shake the hand of her father while promising to have her back by "ten, I mean nine-thirty. But the impeccable manners a country boy possesses do not end there, he will proceed to open the door for her and later give her his jacket when it gets a little chilly out. A country boy knows how to be independent but he also knows the importance of family.

Read Here On the other hand, there is definitely something that all ladies love about a country boy. I grew up in the country and have lived in the city for a while too, so I have seen and done it all. Although I think have a pretty good idea myself, I did take the time to do a little research and ask some girls their reasons for what makes these country boys so attractive. High maintenance women are one thing, but a high maintenance man? He appreciates the simple things in life and is just happy to spend time with you.

Sign up or log in to share. Very attractive. I am slightly swayed by the height, its my thing : Personally I feel that growing up the way you have gives someone a very different perspective on life in comparison to a city or urban bred person. To me, a different perspective is refreshing and often makes for a great match. Apart from that I personally dislike men who cannot lift a finger when it comes to fixing something or being handy, and I often find this is not the case with guys from your type of background. It's very attractive when a guy can take control, responsibility because of his 'good work ethic'. Overall, I really think you shouldn't stress about it!

9. He’s a handyman

The emergence of a strikingly cohesive set of gender narratives on country radio in the late s and early s can be linked to the impact of globalization and economic crisis during those years. In redneck-blueblood anthems, the country boy wins over the wealthy, cosmopolitan woman despite her material success and his limited economic and social prospects. This popular narrative extends the long-standing tradition in which down-home country masculinity is defined partly through its relationship to the character of the upwardly mobile woman who has moved from working-class to middle- or upper-class status. Whereas some critics view country culture as articulating a form of working-class male abjection or degradation, the redneck-blueblood songs provide a narrative of success that directly reclaims the value of working-class masculinity. This narrative resonates with audiences confronting intensely threatening economic and social dislocation in the global economy.


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  1. Everyone has heard the Trace Adkins song, "Ladies Love Country Boys," and while singing along to the very catchy tune has realized that this.

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