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who has drew petersons kids

Drew Peterson Exposed: Polygraphs reveal the shocking truth about Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio by Derek Armstrong

Exposing the never-before-published polygraph results of Drew Peterson’s testimony, this illuminating exposé reveals new details in one of the most provocative and high profile criminal investigations in the country. October 28, 2008 marks the one year anniversary of Stacy Peterson’s disappearance from her home in Bollingbrook, Illinois. Since then, her husband Drew Peterson has been at the center of a media storm which shows no sign of abating—and this book is sure to stir it up. Peterson, a former police sergeant, is a person of interest in the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy, and in the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. He has not been charged in either case, but he has been been excoriated in the media, and found guilty in the court of public opinion. Drawing on hundreds of hours of exclusive taped interviews with Peterson and his family, polygraphs and a the first publicly published time-line from the suspect, this journalistic inquiry presents the arguments for and against Peterson’s involvement in these cases with an impartial eye and takes the reader inside the head of a suspect. Drew Petersons own timeline for the nights of Kathleens death and Stacys disappearance are revealed here for the first time, as well as the startling results of the two polygraph tests he agreed to undergo for this book. Peterson was questioned by examiner Lee McCord, a thirty-four-year expert in the polygraph, regarding his involvement in the death of Kathleen and the disappearance of Stacy. The results of these tests, the evidence, and testimony assembled here shed new light on the details of the police investigations, motives and alternative theories of the case. Conflicting witness accounts, false leads, widespread rumors, and red herrings that have dogged the investigation are analyzed and 140 photographs and documents (including many private family photos published here for the first time) take the reader beyond the headlines to the heart of this sensational story. The frank and often unsavory portrait of Drew Peterson that emerges is bound to provoke further controversy.
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Drew Peterson Case In The Spotlight: His 4th Wife, Stacy, Is Still Missing - TODAY

Stephen Peterson has been raising his father's four children in his father's home while Drew Peterson has been serving a year prison.
Derek Armstrong

Stacy Peterson's Sister Claims to Know Location of Missing Woman's Body

The sister of Stacy Peterson , the year-old Bolingbrook mother of two who remains missing after vanishing more than 10 years ago, claimed Wednesday to know the location of Peterson's body and said she has sonar images to prove it. Cales said she believes her sister's husband, Drew Peterson , a former Bolingbrook police sergeant, "disposed" of her body on Oct. Cales asked in the post for donations to help her recover her sister's remains, to bring them "home to get her the proper burial she deserves. Natalie Martinez reports. Savio's death was initially ruled accidental, but the case was reopened after the disappearance of Stacy Peterson, his fourth wife. He is also serving a year sentence after a conviction for soliciting the murder of James Glasgow, the Will County prosecutor who put him behind bars.

Ex-cop, charged in the death of third wife, may soon face custody fight

The younger Peterson -- who is now reportedly living his in father's former home and raising his dad's children with Stacy -- told the Chicago Tribune that his father likely killed both wives. Stephen Peterson was reluctant to say his father is guilty, but told the paper, "Over time, you hear enough from police. - The ex-cop had two children with Kathleen Savio, whom he's accused of killing, and another two with Stacy Peterson, who has been missing since Drew Peterson's adult son Stephen announced Monday that he has taken custody of the children, but relatives of Savio and Stacy Peterson are looking into whether they can change that.

By Snejana Farberov For Dailymail. The grown son of convicted murderer Drew Peterson says he believes his father likely killed the last two of his four wives. Stephen Peterson, 37, has been raising Drew's four younger children, his younger half-siblings, from the time of his father's arrest in In , former Illinois police sergeant Drew Peterson was sentenced to 38 years in prison after being convicted of murder in the death of his third wife, year-old Kathleen Savio, whose body was found in a dry bathtub with a bloody gash on her head. Son speaks out: Stephen Peterson left , the eldest son of convicted killer Drew Peterson right , has broken his silence, saying he believes his father 'probably' killed two of his wives. Slain: In , Peterson was sentenced to 38 years in prison for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio pictured. Missing: Stacy Peterson, Drew's fourth wife pictured together , went missing in and her body was never found.

In this summer photo, Oak Brook police officer Stephen Peterson top center is surrounded by the four siblings he is raising. Courtesy of Drew Peterson. The photo captured a typical suburban scene this summer in which his youngest child, Lacy Ann, clad in her soccer uniform, beams with pride while surrounded by four of her older brothers, including Stephen Peterson. Stephen, a year-old Oak Brook police officer, is raising the pint-size Lacy Ann along with his other three younger siblings in Bolingbrook while their jailed father, Drew, awaits trial on charges he murdered his third wife in March From his cell, Drew Peterson penned an Aug. Protective and angry, Peterson said authorities "threatened, harassed, pestered, and hounded" his family in "probably the largest, most obsessive and expensive investigation in U. But I am asking the media to closely watch over these proceedings to help protect my son Stephen, being my children's caregiver, against the malicious prosecution he is now facing.

Unlike other companies, we do not charge hundreds of dollars per theme. Stephen Peterson, the year-old son from Drew Peterson's first marriage, has said publicly for They can't all be full of s," Stephen said. They had two children together who are now adolescents. She also adopted Drew Peterson's two children with Savio; they are now young. Those who study uxoricide, say surviing children of family murders can be resilient. Drew Walter Peterson born January 5, is a retired Bolingbrook, Illinois police sergeant but divorced in , after Brown learned about his infidelity.

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