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albert einstein early childhood center

Einstein: His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson

I decided to read this book primarily because of my fiances interest in Einsteins life and theories. I thought it might help me to actually have a somewhat intelligent reply on the rare occasion he starts talking physics (dont tell him I said so, but he is much smarter than I am). :)

I felt a bit daunted by the length of it at first (700 pages, or 22 hours on 18 CDs), but the book is engrossing from the start. The periodic and quite detailed descriptions of Einsteins theories and research were a bit (okay, maybe way) over my head at times, but that didnt in any way damper my enjoyment of the book. When I did understand the physics, I found it all rather fascinating. I especially enjoyed learning the details of Einsteins life, relationships, struggles and philosophies. In fact, much to my surprise, there were times I had trouble putting this book down. Isaacson creates a vivid and engaging portrait of who Einstein was as a whole -- both the brilliant and the quirky -- and gives us a wonderful glimpse into how this mans amazing mind led to some of the most incredible scientific discoveries in history. Very well-written and meticulously researched.

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Einstein's Childhood Memories

How Was Albert Einstein as a Child?

Albert Einstein was a German mathematician and physicist who developed the special and general theories of relativity. In , he won the Nobel Prize for physics for his explanation of the photoelectric effect. In the following decade, he immigrated to the U. His work also had a major impact on the development of atomic energy. In his later years, Einstein focused on unified field theory. With his passion for inquiry, Einstein is generally considered the most influential physicist of the 20th century.

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Albert Einstein's sister Maria, called Maja , was born on November 18, Einstein's childhood was a normal one, except that to his family's irritation, he learnt to speak at a late age. Beginning in he received private education in order to get prepared for school. Beginning in he received his primary education at a Catholic school in Munich Petersschule ; in he changed over to the Luitpold-Gymnasium, also in Munich. However, as this education was not to his liking and, in addition, he did not get along with his form-master he left this school in without a degree and joined his family in Italy where they had settled meanwhile.

Part of the Einstein exhibition. According to popular lore, Albert Einstein was a poor student. It is true that he did not earn top grades in every subject, but he excelled at math and science, even though he skipped classes and had to cram for exams. Even as a teenager, Einstein had already developed a profound mistrust of authority. He questioned not only his teachers but also long-standing mathematical and scientific "givens," such as ancient Greek rules of geometry and laws of physics established by other scientists.

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