Pope francis easter vigil homily 2018

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pope francis easter vigil homily 2018

Easter Vigil Homilies by Pope Francis

Here are collected the homilies he has preached year after year, in Buenos Aires and more recently in Rome, on the most sacred night of the Christian calendar. While Francis’s words and convictions on many topics are now widely known, here we see how he understands the very heart of Christian faith and the ways he has helped those he has served—including the elderly, the poor, and those who struggle to make a living and raise children in a busy world—understand it and apply it to their own lives.  

This book will be a welcome resource for those who want to understand better the faith that drives Pope Francis, for homilists seeking new inspiration for their preaching, for scholars and others interested in exploring the pre-papal preaching of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, for adult Christians as a resource for meditation and prayer, and for any of the ever-growing number of admirers and fans of this remarkable moral leader.
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Pope Francis - The Easter Vigil 2018-03-31

Pope at Easter Vigil Mass: Break Silence. Overcome Fear.

Following is the Vatican-provided translation of the homily of the Holy Father:. The women bring spices to the tomb, but they fear that their journey is in vain, since a large stone bars the entrance to the sepulcher. The journey of those women is also our own journey; it resembles the journey of salvation that we have made this evening. At times, it seems that everything comes up against a stone: the beauty of creation against the tragedy of sin; liberation from slavery against infidelity to the covenant; the promises of the prophets against the listless indifference of the people. So too, in the history of the Church and in our own personal history.

Words that want to reach our deepest convictions and certainties, our ways of judging and dealing with everyday events; especially our way of relating with others. He has risen from death, he has risen from the place from which nobody awaits anything and He awaits us — as He awaited the women — so as to render us participants in his work of salvation. This is the foundation and the strength that we have as Christians so as to spend our lives and our energy, intelligence, affections and will in seeking and especially in generating pathways of dignity. He is not here… He is risen! It is the announcement that sustains our hope and transforms it into concrete gestures of love.

Fort Worth Bishop

Amidst the silence and numbness of his disciples, both then and now, Pope Francis insisted on Saturday during an Easter Vigil Mass, Christ has risen, and this is the message that sustains hope, turning it into concrete gestures of charity. How greatly we need our myopic horizons to be challenged and renewed by this message! Those words, the pontiff said on Saturday, should affect our convictions and certainties, and the way we deal with the events of our day-to-day, especially in the way we treat others. As in Latin-rite parishes throughout the world, the ceremony in the papal basilica began with the lights dimmed to a minimum, and Francis processed into a silent church carrying a lone candle, which he used to light the candles of those nearby, who, in turn, shared the flame with those around themselves, eventually lighting thousands of candles provided by the Vatican for the occasion. As is tradition during the Easter Vigil ceremony, Francis baptized a group of adult converts. This time, there were eight, coming from various countries, including the U. Tens of thousands of people are expected at Mass on Easter Sunday in St.

You seek Jesus of Nazareth, the Crucified. He has been raised. He is not here. Behold the place where they laid Him. The women had been wondering if they would be strong enough to move the heavy stone to unseal the tomb. Yet, in their meeting the white-robed man in the empty tomb, it is revealed that human strength alone cannot unseal death—only the power of God revealed fully in Christ is able to conquer death. This power fully revealed is the truth and the love of God.

In an Easter Vigil homily, Francis challenged Catholics to not remain silent, as Jesus' disciples were after his crucifixion. Rather, he urged Catholics to "break out" of their routines and let God in. It wasn't clear if he had a particular reference in mind, but John Ogah certainly didn't stand by speechless as he witnessed a supermarket robbery on Sept. Security cameras captured Ogah's courageous next steps: With nothing more than his bare hands, he confronted the thief, wrested the cleaver away and held him by the collar until police arrived, after the man fell from his attempted getaway motorcycle. Ogah then disappeared, fearing he would be deported because he didn't have his papers in order. But Rome police authorities sought to reward his courage and within a month had given him a coveted Italian residency permit that had been denied him when his asylum bid failed. In preparing for his baptism, he reportedly asked the Rome police captain who handled his case to be his godfather.

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