Who plays howl in howls moving castle

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who plays howl in howls moving castle

Howls Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

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Sophie has the great misfortune of being the eldest of three daughters, destined to fail miserably should she ever leave home to seek her fate. But when she unwittingly attracts the ire of the Witch of the Waste, Sophie finds herself under a horrid spell that transforms her into an old lady. Her only chance at breaking it lies in the ever-moving castle in the hills: the Wizard Howls castle. To untangle the enchantment, Sophie must handle the heartless Howl, strike a bargain with a fire demon, and meet the Witch of the Waste head-on. Along the way, she discovers that theres far more to Howl—and herself—than first meets the eye.
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Diana Wynne Jones

Howl Jenkins Pendragon

The film is loosely based on the novel of the same name by British author Diana Wynne Jones. The story is set in a fictional kingdom where both magic and early 20th-century technology are prevalent, against the backdrop of a war with another kingdom. The film tells the story of a young, content milliner named Sophie after she is turned into an old woman by a witch who enters her shop and curses her. She encounters a wizard named Howl, and gets caught up in his resistance to fighting for the king. Influenced by Miyazaki's opposition to the United States' invasion of Iraq in , the film contains strongly anti-war themes.

Grew up… in Wales, in our world. His sister still lives there, and is disgruntled when her brother makes one of his seemingly random appearances. Living… in a castle in the fantasy land of Ingary. Profession… wizard. But he is commissioned by all sorts of people to do less frightening magic, like ensuring good wind for a fishing boat. Interests… his appearance. Howl is incredibly vain, and spends plenty of time in the morning putting on vanity spells and fixing his glamorous outfits.

Howl is a young, handsome man with bright blue eyes and hair that reaches below his chin. At the beginning of the film, his hair is blonde, but because of an incident while Sophie is cleaning Howl's bathroom, he briefly comes to have orange hair, before it finally turns black through his curse. In the novel, Howl has natural black hair. Throughout the movie, he is seen wearing a plain white shirt and dark pants, with a plaid coat in red and a blue-ish shade of grey, which has yellow rims and sleeve ends, though Howl barely uses the sleeves at all and instead lets the coat loosely hang on top of his shoulders. Additionally, he wears a pendant around his neck.

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Originally Howell Jenkins of Wales, he was part of a loose fraternity of wizards on Earth. He made his way through a magical portal to Ingary, where he became known and respected as one of the most powerful wizards there was. He owns a moving castle, and spreads rumors about himself to retain his privacy, opting to be alone and hiding from all conflict. In Wales, Howell had a habit of going out with girls and then jilting them. In an attempt to hide from three angry rugby players whose sister he had jilted, he cast a spell that opened a portal to another land, Ingary , where he moved almost permanently. Still young, he took up tutelage under Mrs. Pentstemmon or Madame Suliman in the movie.

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