Chuck taylor quotes about converse

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chuck taylor quotes about converse

Chuck Taylors Quotes (1 quote)

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DIY Converse (Chuck Taylor Custom)

Chuck Taylor Quotes About Converse

In , everyone's favorite doctor, Julius Erving , signed an exclusive footwear deal with Converse. Once considered a pinnacle manufacturer of athletic shoes, it was Dr. J's willingness to become a full-time Converse ambassador that dramatically changed consumers' perception of the brand. Ever since the ink dried on that original deal, Erving has remained part of the Converse empire. Bleacher Report got the unique opportunity to speak with Irving, discussing all things Converse, as well as the current state of NBA kicks. How did that sneaker help define Converse's place in basketball history?

Converse's Chuck Taylor sneakers are incredibly versatile. They go with pretty much anything, from jeans and a T-shirt to button-ups to dresses to -- hell, even celebrities wear them to award shows. They belong in school hallways AND on red carpets. That's one impressive shoe, guys. If you went through an emo phase circa seventh grade, then you know a pair of perfectly worn-out Chuck Taylors -- followed closely by their cousin, checkered slip-on Vans -- was the best accessary to the band T-shirts you bought from Hot Topic. To make your sneaks look as lived-in as possible, you doodled all over them with Sharpies. Drawing on your Chucks was basically the emo version of bedazzling.

Shoes have evolved beyond protection and comfort. Of course there are a myriad of options out there, but what if you are trying to choose between two very similar brands? However, people choose to wear them casually. Vans was opened by Paul Van Doren and three other partners in California. The Vans company started production later than Converse.

The Chuck II. Converse Converse is taking cues from its parent company, Nike , Bloomberg reports.
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Converse will unveil a new and improved version of its flagship Chuck Taylor shoes—and the principal focus will be all about comfort. The biggest upgrade will be the addition of a lightweight, bouncy foam called Lunarlon that was developed by its parent company, Nike NKE. The Lunarlon sockliner will add cushioning and arch support, which has been traditionally lacking from the century-old shoe. Revamping such an iconic shoe could bring out detractors. Chucks are one of the best-selling shoes of all time.

The Converse All-Star debuted in as an athletic sneaker. It quickly became the number one shoe for basketball, then a relatively new sport basketball was invented by James Naismith in , but the NBA wasn't founded until By the late s, most of the NBA sported Chucks. They remain the best-selling basketball shoes of all time, even though very few people wear them for basketball anymore. The company started in as a rubber shoe company that produced galoshes. In the s, when the company tried to introduce All-Stars that were more comfortable and had slightly fewer design inconsistencies, hardcore aficionados rebelled. The company went back to making a slightly imperfect shoe.

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