Facts about john glenn astronaut

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facts about john glenn astronaut

John Glenn: A Memoir by John Glenn

He was the first astronaut to orbit the Earth. Nearly four decades later, as the worlds oldest astronaut, his courage reveted a nation. But these two historical events only bracketed a life that covers the sweep of an extraordinary century.

John Glenns autobiography spans the seminal events of the twentieth century. It is a story that begins with his childhood in Ohio where he learned the importance of family, community, and patriotism. He took these values with him as a marine fighter pilot during World War II and into the skies over Korea, for which he would be decorated. Always a gifted flier, it was during the war that he contemplated the unlimited possibilities of aviation and its frontiers.

We see the early days of NASA, where he first served as a backup pilot for astronauts Alan Shepard and Gus Grissom. In 1962 Glenn piloted the Mercury-Atlas 6 Friendship 7 spacecraft on the first manned orbital mission of the United States. Then came several years in international business, followed by a twenty-four year career as a U.S. Senator-and in 1998 a return to space for his remarkable Discover mission at the age of seventy-seven.
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Former NASA Astronaut, U.S. Senator John Glenn Laid to Rest in Arlington Cemetery

John Glenn Jr. was born on July 18, in Cambridge, Ohio. Glenn was selected for the first orbital flight, and in , aboard Friendship 7, he made three orbits around Earth. After his decorated service in the U.S. Marine Corps and NASA, Glenn went on to serve as U.S. Senator.
John Glenn

7 Things You May Not Know About John Glenn

John Herschel Glenn Jr. He was the first American to orbit the Earth, circling it three times in In , he made the first supersonic transcontinental flight across the United States. His on-board camera took the first continuous, panoramic photograph of the United States. On February 20, , Glenn flew the Friendship 7 mission, becoming the first American to orbit the Earth, and the fifth person and third American in space. A member of the Democratic Party , Glenn was first elected to the Senate in and served for 24 years, until January In , while still a sitting senator, Glenn flew on Space Shuttle Discovery 's STS mission, making him, at age 77, the oldest person to fly in space and the only person to fly in both the Mercury and the Space Shuttle programs.

But he was more than a risk-taker and statesman. He was better than all of us. Here are some interesting facts about the American hero:. He first circled the globe in , when he went around the world three times and then plunged into the Atlantic Ocean. In a later trip, he would circle the globe another times. NASA did a number of medical tests on Glenn in preparation for the flight and after the trip. Prior to Glenn's first entry into space, ophthalmologists feared Glenn's eyes would change shape or that his vision would be so rattled he would be unable to see the aircraft's instrument panel.

John Herschel Glenn Jr. (July 18, – December 8, ) was a United States Marine .. NASA received permission from Eisenhower to recruit its first astronauts from the ranks of military test pilots. .. Kindness focused on Glenn's campaign debts for his failed presidential run, and the fact he stopped payments on it while.
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Six facts about John Glenn

John Glenn Jr. A Marine pilot, he was selected in for Project Mercury astronaut training. He became a backup pilot for Alan B. Shepard Jr. Glenn was selected for the first orbital flight, and in , aboard Friendship 7 , he made three orbits around Earth. After his decorated service in the U.

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  1. Glenn had fallen in love with flying at an early age, building model airplanes while growing up in Ohio.

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