Tumblr quotes and sayings about love

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tumblr quotes and sayings about love

Tumblr Quotes (72 quotes)

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Published 08.01.2019

Love Quotes Tumblr

I‘m still learning to love myself when I am not so loveable

That your last man was much taller and blonder and had funnier jokes and you ask yourself and god why he made you fall in love with someone who was so… so… so meant for someone else. And you like his laugh and the way he shakes his head when you say something stupid. Or maybe it will be sober… or a joke or just something that will act as a catalyst. Till eventually, you fall out of love with him, like you always do, because you only truly love you. He never expressed his feelings for her. He made coffee for her in the morning. When she was sad, he bought her flowers.

This Is the final Love Quote of the week

When it comes to love, we are so often afraid of the vulnerability it requires from us. And why would they? But love is a bit of a miracle. We all have different experiences, different vices, different views on just about everything. But I hope you agree that love is worth it.

I want the kind of the love that people are jealous of. The kind of love that last forever. I want someone who is kind and gentle. Someone who would tell strangers about me. Looks at me like I put the light in the sky.

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  1. You are the laughter of a rainy day and the four-leaf clover in a field, the starry nights in the summer and the snow that falls on the tip of my nose.

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