Descriptive writing about a snowstorm

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descriptive writing about a snowstorm

Snowstorms in a Hot Climate by Sarah Dunant

Marla’s best friend, Elly, left England two years ago on a soul-searching trip through South America. Except for receiving a few postcards, Marla has not heard from her since. Then, Marla receives a strange letter from Elly begging her to fly to New York. But the person Marla meets at the airport is a very different woman from the strong, carefree friend she remembers. Elly, now well-dressed and thin, has acquired a park-view apartment, a house in the Hamptons, and a charismatic, manipulative, cocaine-smuggling boyfriend named Lenny.

As Marla tries to free her friend from the dual addictions of love and cocaine, she unravels a story of seduction and power in Columbia and of desire and betrayal in California. Caught in a web of deceptions, the threat of violence mounting around them, Marla decides to take on Lenny and his empire. But Lenny–like the drug he peddles–has no intention of letting Elly go.
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Essay on Snow Storm Baby

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The white storm that I was caught in happened twenty-seven years ago. What happened on that Friday so long ago was actually a winter hurricane. It had been such a cold, brutal winter.

Hi everyone. Thanks for all the hits and support and I will be back soon with more descriptive writing passages. The thunderstorms were flaying the trees outside as the fire saturated my face with heat. The fire felt like warm butter melting on our faces as the bitter sky outside wept. The snow was polar-white. The flogging squalls of winter blew loudly. Screeching winds occasionally rose up.

The wind whipped against my face with its icy fingers. Going out for a walk wasn't such a great idea in this terrible weather. There was hardly anyone on the roads and no birds were out flying today. It was strange for me since the weather was never this cold before. My house was just around the corner and I wouldn't usually sprint when I was this close to home but it was getting colder. Suddenly I saw a tiny crystal white sphere float down in front of my pale face.

When winter arrives and brings with it the cold snow that characterizes the season, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the sight, sounds, and smells that accompany it. The sensations that come with the snow storms of the cold season are memorable and well-known to those who have grown used to them, and are usually looked forward to during the end of summer and the midst of autumn. The usual surrounding landscape is entirely transformed when snow falls. Where there was once pale, dead grass, there is now endless, rolling hills of crystal. Trees look like thin, bare dancers, twisting up from the cold ground, and as the snow gathers on the branches, they are clothed with decadent ivory jewels. Bushes become lumps of sugar, and the power lines that dip down between the poles become heavy, sagging as they are laden with the weight of the flakes, eventually disappearing and taking on an appearance that suggests the snow itself is suspended between the telephone poles.

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