What do dreams about bridges mean

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what do dreams about bridges mean

The Bridges of Madison County Quotes by Robert James Waller

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what Bridge dreams mean? #dreammeaning

Dream Meaning of Bridge

By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You can find out more by following this link. Bridges are often representations of connection, stability and progress. Generally, bridges represent that most difficulties can be overcome. It is normally used to link two situations, or that there is a need to cross over to the other side.

Bridges in dreams are symbols of stability, progress and connection. They may signify a new start, transition, change or travel. A bridge in a dream, regardless of the fact if you were just looking at it, or crossing it, is often a symbol of commitment and hope. Bridges can be symbols of our relationships with other people, especially the ones with whom we have deep and lasting connections. If you dreamed about some repair work being done on the bridge, such dream might be a sign that you need to organize better and set your priorities.

Dreams represent desires and hopes that people are dreaming of while being awake, and sometimes they are stories that express unconscious experiences and reflect things that are important to a dreamer. In order to understand your dreams, their meaning and messages, you must answer on some questions first — who are you, what do you need, and in what do you believe. In this text, we will pay attention on dreams about bridges.
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Bridges in real life connect us to each other. Help us explore areas we have never been before, and see and meet people we have never met. They are a reason for happines when they are built, and also beautiful to look at at the same time. Dreams about bridges are not rare. You have probably experienced one yourself for a couple of times.

Bridges are mystical and enchanting places. They come in so many different architectural solutions, wonderful and decorative or simply practical designs, shapes, colors and are to be found in various places. In symbolical sense, bridges are very powerful. A bridge is dualistic symbol; it represents both gatherings and farewells, binding together and dividing things. Bridges are a metaphor to be found in art, poetry and literature; they are universal symbol of the idea of crossing over, taken in every possible sense. Bridges are a common motif in religion and mythology, as well.

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