About time einsteins unfinished revolution

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about time einsteins unfinished revolution

About Time: Einsteins Unfinished Revolution by Paul Davies

An elegant, witty, and engaging exploration of the riddle of time, which examines the consequences of Einsteins theory of relativity and offers startling suggestions about what recent research may reveal.
The eternal questions of science and religion were profoundly recast by Einsteins theory of relativity and its implications that time can be warped by motion and gravitation, and that it cannot be meaningfully divided into past, present, and future.
In About Time, Paul Davies discusses the big bang theory, chaos theory, and the recent discovery that the universe appears to be younger than some of the objects in it, concluding that Einsteins theory provides only an incomplete understanding of the nature of time. Davies explores unanswered questions such as:
* Does the universe have a beginning and an end?
* Is the passage of time merely an illusion?
* Is it possible to travel backward -- or forward -- in time?
About Time weaves physics and metaphysics in a provocative contemplation of time and the universe.
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Einstein's Revolution: Crash Course History of Science #32

About Time: Einstein's Unfinished Revolution, by Paul Davies (Penguin, £7,99 in UK)

Thank you! In a long ramble interspersed with biographical digressions, personal reflections, and questions from a hypothetical ""skeptic"" baffled by the quantum world, Davies discourses on concepts of time embodied in ancient cultural and religious beliefs; the Newtonian clockwork universe, in which time flows according to unbending mathematical laws; Einstein's theory that time is relative and flexible; and nonintuitive ideas from quantum mechanics. In this light, he interprets the history of human intellectual development. There have been revolutionary changes, he notes, but the story is far from over. Davies is energized by the notion that nature is permissive -- that just about anything can happen if it is not forbidden by a physical law. This leads into speculations about exotic phenomena as possible consequences of relativity and quantum mechanics: black holes, strings, time warps, wormholes, time travel, alternative consciousness, and time reversal.

A computer-generated artwork inspired by quantum mechanics. Credit: Getty. Quantum mechanics is perhaps the most successful theory ever formulated. For almost 90 years, experimenters have subjected it to rigorous tests, none of which has called its foundations into question. It is one of the triumphs of twentieth-century science. In this challenging book, he attempts to examine other options for a theory of the atomic world. Smolin is a theoretical physicist at the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Canada, and an outspoken critic of the direction his subject has taken over the past four decades.

I have never fully grasped just what the Theory of Relativity is about, so areas of this book are virtually wasted on me. Undoubtedly it was a revolution in our sense of time, but it seems also to have left a new set of riddles. How did time itself begin? Why has it a definite direction, and can this be reversed? Is "time travel" mere fantasy, or is it factually possible?

The Search for What Lies Beyond the Quantum

When Albert Einstein formulated his theory of relativity it brought about a revolution in our understanding of time, yet also presented a new set of mysteries. Einstein's time can be warped, leading to bizarre possibilities such as black holes and time travel, while making a nonsense of our perception of a 'now' or a division of time into past, present and future. He gives straightforward descriptions of topics such as the theory of relativity, the relation between time dilation and the speed of light and Hawking's 'imaginary time'. He concludes that, despite decades of progress in unravelling the mysteries of time, the revolution is still underway Price Search in Elephant: Search. This book is second hand, but in good condition, complete and with no loose pages.

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Look Inside. Apr 09, Minutes Buy. Apr 07, ISBN Apr 09, ISBN Apr 09, Minutes. A daring new vision of quantum theory from one of the leading minds of contemporary physics Quantum physics is the golden child of modern science. It is the basis of our understanding of atoms, radiation, and so much else, from elementary particles and basic forces to the behavior of materials.

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