Quotes about sir syed ahmed khan

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quotes about sir syed ahmed khan

Quote by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan: “Do not show the face of Islam to others; instea...”

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Published 08.01.2019

Golden Sayings : Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

GOLDEN SAYINGS OF SIR SYED AHMAD KHAN ~*~. 1) Sons (of MAO college later AMU)) shall go forth throughout the length and breath of the land to preach.

Remembering Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the great educationist and secular nationalist

He hailed from a well to do aristocracy of Delhi. Syed Ahmad had NO formal education in any educational institutions. Sir Syed was born at a time when the continued existence of Muslims in the Sub-continent as a separate entity was in serious jeopardy. For nearly half a century he struggled against the apathy and despondency that had settled upon the Muslims in the wake of their defeat in the War of Independence of He finally took them out of the abyss, gave them a national identity, enthused them with hope, brought clarity to their perception and thought, and put them on the road to progress and freedom. In he founded the Muhammadan Anglo Oriental College at Aligarh aimed at creating a confluence of traditional learning and modem sciences.

Born on October 17th, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, founder of the Aligarh Muslim University AMU was not just an ordinary educationist, historian, author and jurist but an extra-ordinary reformer, secular nationalist and one of the most important architects of modern India. Sir Syed was a prolific writer who wrote on varied subjects ranging from monuments in Delhi to a commentary on the Holy Bible. A progressive leader, Sir Syed opposed superstitions and evil customs. He stressed on not just Indian Muslims but all Indians attaining education and scientific knowledge to ensure their progress and advocated modernism and pragmatism. These rituals hinder human progress" was his roaring message. And he followed that message up with concrete action, these were not empty words. In , in Ghazipur, Sir Syed formed a society which used to translate the scientific works of English and other European languages into Urdu and Hindi and this was later christened as the Scientific Society of Aligarh.

A humanist should be both an insider and outsider to the ideas he confronts. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan 17 October —27 March , the founder of Anglo-Mohammedan Oriental College which became Aligarh Muslim University in , lived this dialectic of belonging and detachment in his role of a humanist. His lifelong efforts to strike a balance between tradition and modernity, traditional Oriental and Western scholarship and religion and science made him know the inside and outside of the two worlds.
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Acquisition of knowledge of science and technology is the only solution for the problems of Muslims. Call me by whatever names you like. I will not ask you for my salvation. But please take pity of your children. Do something for them send them to the school , lest you should have to repent by not sending them. Get rid of old and useless rituals.

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  1. You know, gentlemen, that, from a long time, our friends the Bengalis have shown very warm feeling on political matters.

  2. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, a leading Muslim reformer and educationist who was arguably the most important political voice among Indian Muslims in the latter half of the 19th century, was born on 17 October in Delhi which was then the capital, albeit nominal, of the fading Mughal empire.

  3. But until one nation has conquered the other and made it obedient, peace cannot reign in the land. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (–).

  4. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was one of those early pioneers who recognized the critical role of education in the empowerment of the poor and.

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