Best books about treasure hunting

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best books about treasure hunting

Popular Treasure Hunting Books

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Yamashita Treasure Hunting Book

I'm not sure if there is anything "Treasure Hunter Thriller" about Jane for being cheeky by suggesting my own Treasure Hunt book!.
Clive Cussler

Books About Treasure Hunts, Clues and Secret Codes

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Josh Gates Visits The Fountain Of Youth To Find Byron Preiss' Secret Treasure - Expedition Unknown

Sometimes our world seems bland in comparison to what we read in books and see in movies and television. Where are our chances at adventure, fame, and fortune? Well, here are 12 real-life treasure hunts — some of which have never been solved! In the 80s, a bout with cancer inspired " real life Indiana Jones " Forrest Fenn to fill a chest with treasures — including gold dust, gold coins, gold nuggets, Chinese jade carvings, a 17th Century Spanish gold and emerald ring - and a copy of his own book, so he could hide it in the desert before he died. He thought this would be a way to keep his memory alive.

But until we figure out exactly how to harness gamma radiation and spider bites, only one of those is something you could actually accomplish in your lifetime. In fact, this might be the last feature we write. Early retirement is only a metal detector and shovel away. The short version is, he got his start as a privateer, which was a government sanctioned pirate. He tried to attack only French ships, but after his crew mutinied against that idea, he decided to just attack everyone. So these trees are a matter of historical record, not pirate mythology. In Cliffwood Beach, there are two possibilities for hiding places.

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  1. Books shelved as treasure-hunting: Spartan Gold by Clive Cussler, The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, Lost Empire The 5 Greatest Warriors (Jack West Jr, #3).

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