What to talk about at work

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what to talk about at work

How to Talk to Anyone at Work: 72 Little Tricks for Big Success Communicating on the Job by Leil Lowndes

I picked up this book a few months back when starting working and looking for ideas on how to bond with coworkers. I never read much but on a plane ride recently had nothing else so finished it off.
I gotta say this book doesnt have terrible advice but it felt pretty cringy. Its kinda like old timey business full of platitudes. Im sure some places operate like that but everywhere Ive worked has been kind of past many of these tips. That being said the advice is funny and some of it is good.

A few funny or useful ideas:

* Prolong Your Praise. S-t-r-e-t-c-h out your compliment. A simple sentence isn’t enough when a coworker or a report does something you’re grateful for. Go for three sentences minimum! The melody of your protracted praise is sweet music to their ears. Like making love, the longer it lasts, the better it is!
* Stepping closer is an excellent way to mask insecurity or hostility, so, any time anyone at work intimidates or irritates you, just smile slightly and step a tad closer.
* Avoid weakening words like Ill try
* Hemophiliacs are people who bleed profusely when their skin is pricked. Everyone you work with has a comparable condition... they bleed emotionally when anyone punctures their ego
* Dont smile too fast
* Dont say but in response to people. Say Yes, and
* Search for solutions before reporting problems
* Keep a daily work diary
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8 Topics You Should Never Talk About At Work --8 harmful discussion at Workplace

If you are working in a traditional office where you see your coworkers every day, there are many opportunities for you to interact with them: walking through the hallway, passing by their offices, visiting their desks, in the kitchen, at the cafeteria, in the elevator, even in the bathroom!
Leil Lowndes

7 Topics You Should Never Talk About at Work

I am a big offender with this one. I used to have long angry debates with one of my cube neighbors about everything from social welfare programs to LGBT rights. Not only was it unprofessional, it was also distracting for everyone who I now realize could hear us bickering all day. Plus that irritation spilled over into our professional interactions, too. Some experts feel like office confidences build stronger bonds between team members; others see it as divisive and counterproductive since venting rarely actually leads to positive change or resolution of a tense situation. Bad for relationships and bad for the workplace, blanket accusations like this rarely have positive results. There are more direct ways to voicing your opinion or a differing perspective than this grating correctional phrase.

There is an art to conversation — knowing just what to say to whom and how. Think of the times someone at the office has drawn you in with a perfectly told tale about an art exhibit. And then think of the times you wanted to crawl under your desk and scream because a colleague was completely inappropriate describing a debauchery weekend in lurid detail. Just so you can stay artful and not cringe-worthy, here is a list of 15 things and there could be 15, that you should never talk about at work. Do the illegal and abhorrent recent and historic antics of Hurricane Harvey Weinstein not convince you to ever bring up the subject or allude to it in any way? They should.

Many people spend more time around their co-workers than their actual friends and families. After all, a bit of healthy water cooler banter is important for developing a stronger rapport with your co-workers. How did Susan land that promotion, anyway? Talking about certain touchy subjects in most office environments could alienate your colleagues and even cost you a promotion. We gathered advice from career experts and human resources managers about what not to talk about at work. I remember being in a meeting with someone senior to me who asked me my stance on a really hot topic.

Job Title, Keywords. City, Province. Of course it would be all too easy to whip out your iPhone and start mindlessly scrolling through your apps but why not challenge yourself and start up a conversation?
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Events You’re Attending

Awkwardness in the workplace can affect its functioning and ultimately the employer's bottom line. Nobody wants to be the cause of that. While religion seems to be discussed everywhere, from the campaign trail to the sports field to the awards ceremony stage, it is a topic about which you should tread very lightly in the workplace. Do not discuss your religious beliefs in depth and keep any negative opinions about others' beliefs to yourself. Never, no matter what, try to persuade anyone you work with to convert to your faith.

How do you start a conversation with new people you meet at some event? How do you decide what things to talk about? Or you wait until some of them walk right up to you? For many people, beginning a small talk is a huge problem. Some of my friends cannot even accustom to the idea of talking with a person they do not know close. It is all about the feeling of awkwardness that gives you the creeps.


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  1. While all your co-workers are talking about their fantasy football leagues, One of the best ways to find common ground (and real friends at work) is to just be.

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