What to do about rumors

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what to do about rumors

Rumors Quotes (121 quotes)

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Published 09.01.2019

This simple phrase will stop gossip once and for all

Some people spread rumors as a way to intimidate others and gain status or popularity. But spreading rumors as a way to turn people against someone is a form.

Someone Is Spreading Rumors About Me. What Can I Do?

Rumors are the spice of life; but rumors can have serious consequences for us. They can affect various aspects of our lives, including our personal, social, and professional life. Before we learn how to handle rumors, let us understand a little more about them. A rumor is the opposite of fact. A fact is verified piece of information supported by data whereas a rumor is an unverified piece of information, which is unsubstantiated by any data. Since rumors are not backed by any data, they are normally quite exaggerated pieces of information and can be far from truth.

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Rumors can be damaging. Here's what to do when you're the target. Have you ever been in a situation where someone is spreading negativity about you in an effort to harm your reputation? I have, and so has Jordan Harbinger, host of The Jordan Harbinger Show , a top-rated podcast with millions of downloads in its first weeks of launching. After years of building, things took a turn, and with it, a former partner set out to take him down.

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Gossip is wrong, no matter how you look at it. Spreading malicious rumors will not only hurt the subject of the gossip, it makes you look bad in a rude and immature kind of way. Most people gossip to get attention and to make themselves feel better, but in the long run, it typically backfires on the person doing the talking and those who are willing to stand there and listen. No one ever benefits from malicious discussion about other people. If you are a habitual gossip, others will eventually lose trust in you as a friend. Not only does it show bad manners it hurts friendships and damages professional relationships. Once you say something, it is impossible to take it back, so always think before speaking.

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