10 facts about louis armstrong

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10 facts about louis armstrong

Who Was Louis Armstrong? by Yona Zeldis McDonough

If not for a stint in reform school, young Louis Armstrong might never have become a musician. It was a teacher at the Colored Waifs? Home who gave him a cornet, promoted him to band leader, and saw talent in the tough kid from the even tougher New Orleans neighborhood called Storyville. But it was Louis Armstrong?s own passion and genius that pushed jazz into new and exciting realms with his amazing, improvisational trumpet playing. His seventy-year life spanned a critical time in American music as well as black history.

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Louis Armstrong - Musician - Mini Bio - BIO

9 Things You May Not Know About Louis Armstrong

An all-star virtuoso, he came to prominence in the s, influencing countless musicians with both his daring trumpet style and unique vocals. Armstrong's charismatic stage presence impressed not only the jazz world but all of popular music. Louis Armstrong was born on August 4, , in New Orleans, Louisiana, in a neighborhood so poor that it was nicknamed "The Battlefield. Armstrong had a difficult childhood: His father was a factory worker and abandoned the family soon after Louis's birth. His mother, who often turned to prostitution, frequently left him with his maternal grandmother.

The name Louis Armstrong is synonymous with jazz, a musical style that he revolutionised and popularised. He was a trumpet player, singer, but also an actor, he performed in What a Wonderful World and Hello Dolly!. He surprised and delighted the public, making them 'swing'! Louis Armstrong was born on August 4, though he considered himself to be a child of the twentieth century, and claimed to have been born in He grew up in turbulent New Orleans, where his family lived in Back o'Town , a poor, violent neighbourhood. Music was omnipresent in New Orleans. Louis Armstrong was exposed to negro spirituals, blues and ragtime.

Check out nine little-known facts about the jazz legend nicknamed Louis Armstrong with his mother and sister Beatrice in New Orleans in.
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30 Fun And Interesting Facts About Louis Armstrong

How Louis Armstrong Transformed the Twentieth Century - Mick Carlon - [email protected]

Louis Armstrong was one of the most influential Jazz artists that revolutionized the jazz music industry. He was born in the New Orleans, Louisiana in the slave family. Armstrong had a hard start in his life. His father is a factory worker who abandoned a family after Louis birth. His mother is a prostitute who frequently left him with a maternal grandmother. Despite of a rough childhood, a miracle happens in his life. By the end of his career Louis was a renowned trumpeter, soloist, singer, and bandleader.

Louis Daniel Armstrong was an American trumpeter, composer, singer and occasional actor who was one of the most influential figures in jazz. His career spanned five decades, from the s to the s, and different eras in the history of jazz. Take a look below for 30 more fun and interesting facts about Louis Armstrong. In Chicago, he networked with other jazz musicians, reconnecting with his friend, Bix Biederbecke, and made new contacts, which included Hoagy Carmichael and Lil Hardin. With his instantly recognizable gravelly voice, Armstrong was also an influential singer, demonstrating great dexterity as an improviser, bending the lyrics and melody of a song for expressive purposes. Armstrong is renowned for his charismatic stage presence and voice almost as much as for his trumpet playing.

Armstrong with his mother and sister Beatrice in New Orleans in Young Louis spent much of his boyhood in the care of his grandmother, but he also found a second home among the Karnofskys, a local Lithuanian-Jewish family who hired him to do odd jobs for their peddling business. As a sign of his gratitude to his Jewish benefactors, Armstrong later took to wearing a Star of David pendant around his neck. Armstrong with trumpet, late s. Most of all, I began to learn music. Armstrong and his Hot Five band—his then-wife Lil is on the right. After leaving New Orleans in , Armstrong spent three years playing in jazz ensembles in Chicago and Harlem.

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  1. With his infectious smile and raspy voice, Louis Armstrong (who actually pronounced his own name "Lewis") won over fans worldwide. To untold millions, every.

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