Henri matisse facts about him

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henri matisse facts about him

Henri Matisse: Drawing with Scissors by Jane OConnor

Keesia and Henri Matisse have the same birthday—New Year’s Eve! That’s why she picks him for her artist report. She finds out that over his long career Matisse made paintings, sculpture, books, costumes, and her favorite—his cut-outs, or what Matisse called “drawing with scissors.” The report is filled with about 20 of Matisse’s masterpieces as well as artwork that Keesia has created in his “style” (cut-out leaves, drawings through windows, fauvist animals). As she follows Matisse through his life she discovers why he is considered one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century.
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Henri Matisse - Le Fauve - The wild beast

10 Henri Matisse Facts

Photograph of Henri Matisse. Originally, Matisse studied and trained to become a lawyer. He graduated from law school in Paris and worked as a clerk in a law office in In , at the age of 21, Matisse suffered from an acute appendicitis that would actually lead him to discover his passion for creating art. After he underwent surgery, he had a very long recovery time. To ease his boredom, his mother gave him a paint box and the rest was history. After he recovered, he returned to work at the law office but found it difficult to give up his painting.

Henri Matisse was a French artist whose work brought about revolutionary developments in art in twentieth century due to which he is regarded as one of the most influential figures in modern art. Matisse is famous for being the leader of the art movement Fauvism and for inventing a new medium in art known as paper cut-outs. He was also a print-maker and sculptor but is most known for his paintings. Matisse had a happening life. He accidentally developed interest in painting; was initially belittled by critics; was involved in one of the most famous rivalries in the history of art, with Pablo Picasso; and his muse attempted suicide after his wife suspected Matisse of having an affair with her. Know about the life, family, career, works and achievements of Henri Matisse through these 10 interesting facts. A second son, named Emile Auguste , was born to the couple in July but he died before his second birthday.

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He was the leader of the Fauvist movement about , and he pursued the expressiveness of colour throughout his career. His subjects were largely domestic or figurative, and a distinct Mediterranean verve presides in the treatment. Matisse, whose parents were in the grain business, displayed little interest in art until he was 20 years old. From to he attended the secondary school in Saint-Quentin; after a year of legal studies in Paris , he returned to Saint-Quentin and became a clerk in a law office. Soon he was decorating the home of his grandparents at Le Cateau. In he abandoned the law and returned to Paris to become a professional artist.

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  1. As an atmospheric Parisian scene by Henri Matisse is offered in the upcoming of Sir John and Lady Smith sale, we revisit 21 facts about the artist. of art supplies to help him pass the time, and he fell in love with painting.

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