Interesting facts about pink river dolphins

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interesting facts about pink river dolphins

Journey of the Pink Dolphins: An Amazon Quest by Sy Montgomery

Scientists call them Inia geoffrensis, an ancient species of toothed whale whose origin dates back about 15 million years. To the local people of the Amazon, pink river dolphins are botos, shape shifters that, in the guise of human desire, can claim your soul and take you to the Encante, an enchanted underwater world.

As tributaries braid into a single river, Journey of the Pink Dolphins weaves ancient myth and modern science into one womans search for these elusive creatures. Over four separate journeys, Sy Montgomery follows the dolphins, tracing their spiritual, historical, and environmental past, present, and future. Ancient legends tell us that dolphins have guided humans for millennia, and in Journey of the Pink Dolphins, Montgomery answers their call, taking us to that perfect place where the Amazon melts into the forest, dolphins swim among treetops, and the twenty-first century dissolves into the beginning of time.

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5 amazing facts about the Amazon pink river dolphin

The Amazon River itself is teeming with rich biodiversity: in the dark waters swim piranhas, crocodiles, manatees, and one of our favorites, the Amazon river dolphin , known to locals as the Boto , or more frequently referred to as the Pink River Dolphin on account of its distinctive coloring. However the pink Boto dolphins are one of the most recognisable, and can often be spotted by passengers embarking on a river cruise, and can even be seen close up if you dare to swim with them! Read on for Pink River Dolphin facts and learn everything you need to know about the famous creatures before heading to the Amazon! The Amazon river dolphins Inia geoffrensis are known as Boto, Bouto, or pink Amazon river dolphins, and are closely related to the newly discovered Araguaian river dolphin and nearby Bolivian river dolphins of the Amazon. In truth, they are actually only distantly related to sea dolphins. Additionally, their appearance is quite distinct. They also form the largest population of river dolphins, as the others are almost extinct.

The Amazon River Dolphin is a group of dolphins that primarily dwell in the South Americas waters, especially in the Amazon river. This water mammal is the largest of all the other river dolphin species, and cannot survive in salt water. It is a very distant relative to the sea dolphin, and has a pink to pinkish-grey pigmentation on their bodies, which is one of their primary characteristics, giving them a very unique appearance and hence their name. However, the rate of mortality is high amongst the captive specimens. Amazon River Dolphin Pictures. Skin Color: Color is dependent on their age. While the baby Amazon river dolphins have a dark gray dorsal side, the ventral side is lighter gray.

Amazing Facts About the Amazon River Dolphin

The pink river dolphins of the Amazon have long captured the hearts of explorers to the Peruvian Amazon, where they thrive in healthy numbers. In their excitement, some of out guests have already done their fair bit of research about the Amazon pink river dolphin before they come on board, which only makes their wish to see the dolphins stronger. The dolphins are actually born gray and slowly turn pink as they age. Their final color can be influenced by their behavior, capillary placement, diet, and exposure to sunlight. The dolphins can be anywhere from mostly gray with some pink spots, to almost flamingo pink. And when the dolphins get excited, they can flush a brighter pink, similar to humans!

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