A book about growing up

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a book about growing up

Preschool-Growing up (28 books)

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Published 11.01.2019

A book about growing up

The theme of independence "by myself! What matters is the book's exuberant, celebratory tone, which shows a happy, model child doing various everyday activities
Elizabeth Verdick

6 Books to Help You Talk to Your Kids about Growing Up

Okay, so this might seem like a weird thing to share on our blog. A food blog. I mean, some of you have been with us since the very beginning, since our oldest kids were babies and toddlers. I hope this gives you some ideas on how to manage this new and kind of scary phase of life. May the odds be ever in our favor! Even though my little guy is only 2, I often think about middle school and how to prepare him for.

Growing up is hard, whether you're 16 or In the transition to adulthood, coming-of-age books are an important staple — everything from Huckleberry Finn to Harry Potter has helped along the way. Although the journey to maturity is a tumultuous one, it never ceases to be wondrous, heartbreaking, revolutionary, and often a little bit of fun. These 50 books have been earmarked, cried over, highlighted, overanalyzed and read time and again. See also: 16 books turning 10 in Remember, for every antsy, rebellious teenager, there's a nostalgic novelist who remembers how you feel.


Deenie is learning to navigate everything from body image to menstruation to masturbation which is why this book is so often challenged in schools. Side note: my sister read this book growing up, and she had a much healthier relationship with her body confidence and sexuality than I ever did. - First love, self-discovery and newfound freedom have inspired plenty of coming-of-age novels.

Series: Lift-the-flap questions and answers By Katie Daynes. Write a review. You have 0 of these in your Basket. When will my voice go deep? Why do I have to go to bed? Curious children can find out about growing up and puberty, hormones, periods, shaving and much more in this entertaining book with over 60 flaps to lift. There are helpful tips on coping with growing up, and links to websites with more information, too.

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