What is the left behind book series about

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what is the left behind book series about

Left Behind (Left Behind, #1) by Tim LaHaye

It has been a long time since I read Left Behind, but I have one interesting memory of reading it that remains clear and is, I think, worthy of discussion. Ill get to that memory in a second, but first I must digress.

I read this book for a student of mine. She was a very nice lady who came into my English classes worried for everyones souls (and I say this with all honesty). Left Behind was her favourite novel (her favourite book was The Bible, obviously), and she asked me to read it just after we finished Blakes The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. So I did.

Now back to that memory.

Early on I remember thinking, What a brilliant book this would be if Tim LaHaye was a master of irony on the level of Jonathon Swift. Sure...nothing could save LeHayes clunky prose, but if he conceived of Left Behind as a commentary on fundamentalist believers it would have been a stroke of genius approaching the level of A Modest Proposal.

Then I started reading it that way, letting myself imagine the story as a brilliant commentary, and it made the otherwise execrable experience thoroughly tolerable. I knew it wasnt so, and I couldnt really force myself to believe, but it sure was more fun. I laughed more than I might have, I giggled more than I might have, and I actually wasnt moved to throw this book in our backyard firepit when I finished.

Indeed, when this piece of fundamentalist-pop-fiction kindling was over, I eschewed the flames and dropped it on the book swap shelf of our English Department. Drop a book, take a book is the theory, but there wasnt anything there I hadnt read before, so I simply left my copy of Left Behind for some poor, unsuspecting student to stumble upon.

And the next day it was gone.

I wonder who took that book? Probably a member of LeHayes choir, but Id love for one of my colleagues to have picked it up and read it with the same guilty pleasure I did. Perhaps then I wouldnt feel so sheepish.
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Left Behind: Apollyon

Left Behind (series)

Read More Read Less. Latest Book in the Series. Go to book. Jenkins April 1, Order in the next 4 hours 12 minutes and get it by Friday, September

The novels take readers to a world where all the Christians have left and the remnants must contend with seven years of trials and tribulations. There are sixteen novels in the Left Behind series. The books are biblically inspired. They are specifically drawn from the books of Ezekial, Revelation, Isaiah, and Daniel. The Bible speaks of a time when the true believers in Christ will be taken up to heaven to escape an earth-shattering disaster.

The celebrated speaker has written over 50 books during his literary career, dabbling in both fiction and non-fiction. Tim entered the Army at the age of 18 shortly after finishing night school, his role restricted to that of machine gunner aboard a bomber in Europe. Tim LaHaye is often referenced in connection to his political activism, the writer taking steps to make his voice heard through the numerous groups he either promoted or founded, this including the Institute for Creation Research and the Council for National Policy. Many a conservative presidential candidate have, over the years, admitted to enjoying considerable support from Tim LaHaye, whose ability to rally the Religious Right was instrumental in George W. Telling the story of earth in the aftermath of the pre-tribulation rapture, the concept was solely the creation of Tim LaHaye, this despite the fact that it was Jerry B.

Left Behind. Tribulation Force.
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Publication Order of Left Behind Books

Jenkins , dealing with Christian dispensationalist End Times : the pretribulation , premillennial , Christian eschatological interpretation of the Biblical apocalypse. The primary conflict of the series is the members of the Tribulation Force, an underground network of converts, against the NWO -esque organization " Global Community " and its leader, Nicolae Carpathia ; who is also the Antichrist. The series has been adapted into four films to date. Based on a dispensationalist interpretation of prophecies in the Biblical books of Revelation , Daniel , Isaiah and Ezekiel , Left Behind tells the story of the end times set in the contemporary era , in which true believers in Christ have been " raptured " taken instantly to heaven , leaving the world shattered and chaotic. As people scramble for answers, an obscure Romanian politician named Nicolae Jetty Carpathia rises to become secretary-general of the United Nations , promising to restore peace and stability to all nations. What most of the world does not realize is that Carpathia is actually the Antichrist foretold in the Bible. Coming to grips with the truth and becoming born-again Christians, airline pilot Rayford Steele , his daughter Chloe , their pastor Bruce Barnes , and young journalist Cameron "Buck" Williams begin their quest as the Tribulation Force to help save the lost and prepare for the coming Tribulation , in which God will rain down judgment on the world for seven years.

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