Book about a woman who loses her memory

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book about a woman who loses her memory

Popular Memory Loss Books

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Chuck - Alternate ending 5x13 - Extended Version "Sarah's Memory back"

What Alice Forgot

At first Minnesota, an aspiring writer nicknamed after her home state , encounters little more in the way of adventure than would-be lotharios attracted by her dewy prettiness but who bridle at her roving intellect. One night, however, after a party on the East Side, Minnesota has to fight off a man who shoves his way into her apartment and is only spared from rape when her neighbour Lucy chases him off with a broom. For Minnesota, the Baroness comes to represent something vital: female aggression unsheathed. Her narration includes chunks of a mystery novel that her younger self, Minnesota, commenced after moving into a grim apartment on the Upper West Side. But a more compelling story was unfolding on the other side of her apartment wall. In her breakthrough novel What I Loved , a dazzling literary thriller set in the New York art world, Hustvedt invested a tale of suspense with intellectual bite and haunting passion. Sixteen years later, she seems to feel less obliged to bring her storylines to a thunderous crescendo.

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The Twilight Wife By A. Banner Touchstone. After suffering a traumatic brain injury from a scuba diving accident, Kyra Winthrop has lost the memory of the last four years of her life. She does remember some important moments, such as her years in school becoming a marine biologist she can recall the scientific terms for most sea life but not how she got the scar on her thumb , her best friend Linny and the death of her parents. What she cannot remember, however, is her first visit to the island that she now calls home, why she now has so many neutral coloured pieces of clothing when she always went for colours before, teaching at Seattle University or meeting her husband, Jacob.

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  1. When a mysterious countess arrives to live at a large, deserted house on the edge of a sleepy Hampshire village, the local tongues start wagging.

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