Facts about flies for preschoolers

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facts about flies for preschoolers

Cows Cant Fly by David Milgrim

Grade/ Interest Level: Primary (Kindergarten)
Reading Level: Lexile Level, 470 LAD
Genre: Modern Fantasy/Science Fiction

Main Characters: Young boy and his Father
Setting: House and neighborhood the boy lives in
POV: Young boy

The nameless young boy protagonist in this story narrates: “Cows can’t fly,/but I don’t care./One day I drew/some in the air!” The round-headed boy creates a crayon picture of cows with wings flying through the sky. The father in this story tries several times to tell his young son that cows do not fly. While the boy and his father are outside discussing the picture a breeze carries the picture into the air where it lands among real cows. They cows study the drawing and then take flight. The scenes and illustrations in this story are highly entertaining and engaging for students. The students seem to like the way only they and the young boy knows that the cows around them are flying. The adults are having tricks played upon them by the other children in the book so there is no way they will look into the air. The book ends with the cows returning to their normal life, but we notice in one of the final illustrations the young boy has a drawing pad under his arm and he is at the zoo. This leaves the children predicating about what he will do next and if these animals will be flying soon as well.
I used this story in my kindergarten student teaching classroom placement in order to help the students see the differences between reality and fantasy. The children were asked during a whole group discussion which parts of the story real first and which parts of the story could not happen in real life. This activity helped to lead into the discussion of what fantasy means and the flying cows were a great example of this.
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House fly Facts

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Toggle navigation. House fly Facts House flies are the most famous of species of flies. They can be found all over the world. Human flies developed 65 million years ago. They can survive in all habitats where people can survive, because they are accustomed to the life near humans.

Flies can be a big nuisance to anyone and their constant buzzing around can really get on your nerves. For businesses , particularly those in the food and pharmaceutical industries, they can be a huge concern due to the impact they can have on consumer health. However, flies can be quite fascinating creatures. Their breeding, feeding, and even moving habits are quite different from ours and can actually be quite interesting. If you have a problem with a fly infestation around your business or home , contact your local Western Exterminator office to discuss fly removal and fly prevention solutions. Flies tend to live off a diet based on liquids.

Medical doctors use a special species of maggots to help patients with flesh wounds, especially burn victims. Maggots eat away the damaged flesh, which helps the wound heal.
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But how much do you actually know about the house fly? Here are 10 fascinating facts about house flies:. Though believed to be native to Asia, house flies now inhabit nearly every corner of the globe. With the exception of Antarctica and perhaps a few islands, house flies live everywhere people do. House flies are synanthropic organisms, meaning they benefit ecologically from their association with humans and our domesticated animals. As humans throughout history traveled to new lands by ship, plane, train, or horse-drawn wagon, house flies were their travel companions.

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