Write a story about a toy that comes alive

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write a story about a toy that comes alive

Childrens Literature - Sentient Toys (184 books)

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Top 10 movies starring toys that come alive

There's nothing scary about a toy, right? Wrong — these seemingly innocuous playthings can be some of the most frightening things on earth. Consider the vacant, glassy eyes of a doll, or the weirdly fixed smile of a teddy bear. There's no doubt about it — these toys can be downright terrifying. Toys are partially creepy because it's so easy to assign feeling to them. Remember those pangs of guilt you felt after stuffing your onetime favorite action figure in the back of the closet? And that toy turnover happens all too often; children are some of the most wasteful consumers.

I used to believe that when you had very big teddy bears they had their own lives and at night with my second brother we left them food every day but the next day we got angry with them why they did not eat and we had to give them that food to our pet. I used to make my toys come to life I always have them day and night Foxy, Green Dog,, Bobblehead, They can come to life you said! They'll come alive at night! Whe I was around 9, I used to have these dreams about how i asked my dolls if they could talk and they said "You know we do. I used to believe toys came alive at night.

While shopping downtown one day, you find an antiques store that has a rare, old doll. You buy it for your daughter. A few days later she tells you her new toy can talk. Write this scene. Want more creative writing prompts? The doll was sitting at the little tea table, her hand on a small cup.

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The Toy Story triumvirate will reign supreme among stories of toys coming to life and it's hard to imagine any single film or series that uses the premise of living playthings ever besting the perfect trio of movies. But having given the hat trick fair praise, the toys in Andy's room weren't the first to walk and talk under their own control, and other stories feature toys springing to life when their owners aren't around or by the power of dreams and wishes, the magic of midnight or, in one case, the might of military grade munitions chips. So, if you still have room for more childhood toy fantasies and adventures beyond Woody, Buzz and their crew, we offer these additional movie choices old and new This is only the first among four titles here that feature soldiers as the main animated childhood objects of attention. They're a popular theme, the tin type being the action figures of their era, and perhaps allowing their adventures to be a bit more daring than the average toy. This is one of the oldest of our film examples.


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  2. I had heard that toys during the month of December come alive for a a child, or someone young at heart, please consider sharing this story.

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