Interesting facts about desi arnaz

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interesting facts about desi arnaz

A Book by Desi Arnaz

I read this years ago. I bought my paperback copy at a bookstore with my mom and sisters. (Way before ebooks!)
THEN, Desi Arnaz, autographed my book! Yes, Im bragging! Right there in that bookstore. His beautiful black hair was all silver, he looked a little older, but he was SO nice! I froze up and barely said 2-3 words. (fangirl). Hes my favorite famous person that Ive ever met. AND I love I Love Lucy. Ive watched every episode many times over.
This book was written like a memoir, many years after Lucy and Desi divorced. I was expecting a gossipy tell all ex- POV..... NO- not at all. The writing is very easy and the narrative is just like it was transcribed from oral interviews. It goes through Desis earlier life in Cuba and then into his life in the U.S. It was fascinating to read about how Desi and Lucy met, married and then started their awesome TV series. Ive read other books about them, which gives others POV, but I really love Desis POV. Desi speaks (writes) very fondly of Lucy. He gives her ALL the credit for her comedic talent and the success of the show. Desi was very much into the business end of their career/show. They very smartly ended up owning the studio/production company, Desilu.
Ive been hearing that theyre going to make a movie -that is sanctioned by her son and daughter. Ive heard that Cate Blanchett is considered to portray Lucy (great choice, IMO).
This was one of my reasons for looking for this book on GR and on Amazon. Amazons price for the paperback goes from $55 -$128 (no kindle of now). I need to find out where I put my copy!!
I hope that Lucie Arnaz & Desi Jr allow this book to be reprinted AND on ebook ---PLEASE :)
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Emigrating with his family to America during the Cuban Revolution, the young man would shorten his name, cut his teeth in show business, and go on to become one of the 20th century's most iconic entertainers.
Desi Arnaz

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Desi Arnaz is best known for the popular s television show I Love Lucy, a situation comedy that he helped create along with his wife Lucille Ball, to whom he was married from to Arnaz played "Ricky Ricardo," a struggling Cuban-born bandleader whose high-spirited wife Lucy played by Ball was forever engaged in some sort of comedic mischief. Behind the scenes, Arnaz was known as a savvy businessman and producer and a trailblazer in the early years of television. The comedy quickly emerged as one of the most popular shows of the decade. As Scholastic Update noted in , Arnaz's role on the show helped Americans to "accept Hispanic immigrants not just as exotic outsiders, but as Hispanic-Americans.

2. He & Lucille Ball Pioneered the Television Sitcom With ‘I Love Lucy’

You see, most of these films were made during the early part of her career, in the s, when the young actress was happy to take any job she could get. Arnaz was born to a wealthy family in Cuba but was forced to flee his home country at the tender age of 16 following the revolution. His family resettled in Miami and, after working some odd jobs, Arnaz embarked on what would become a massively successful music career, a move that would eventually bring him to the silver screen. Ultimately, love— and a heck of a lot of talent! Things were mighty different back in December of when Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were awaiting the birth of their second child. Go figure! I gave it six weeks.

Desi Arnaz made his mark as the straight man of the comedic couple behind the popular s sitcom I Love Lucy. A Cuban immigrant, Arnaz was also a very savvy businessman. Arnaz's talents as a singer and entertainer helped to make I Love Lucy the first great television sitcom, but it was his skill as a businessman that built the Arnaz family empire. Arnaz was born Desiderio Alberto Arnez y de Acha on March 2, , in Santiago , Cuba , to Desiderio, the mayor of Santiago and a wealthy land owner, and Dolores de Acha Arnaz, who was the daughter of a founder of the Bacardi rum company. The two later divorced. The Arnaz family were part of Cuba's small but vastly privileged upper class — among their holdings were a cattle ranch, two dairy farms, and a villa on an island in Santiago Bay. As part of a distinguished political family, Arnaz was expected to attend college and pursue a career in law and politics.

Getty Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. D esi Arnaz was an all-around entertainer. Not only was he an orchestra leader and musician, but he revolutionized television with I Love Lucy , the classic sitcom starring him and his wife Lucille Ball. Google has honored Arnaz with a Google Doodle on March 2, which would have been his nd birthday. Following his release, the Arnaz family fled to Miami, Florida. According to PBS , Arnaz quickly turned to show business to support himself.

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