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watch dishonesty the truth about lies

Dishonest Quotes (29 quotes)

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Published 12.01.2019

"(Dis)Honesty - The Truth About Lies" - Teaser Trailer

I just spent an hour and a half in the middle of the workday watching a movie. You can stream it on Netflix and find it in the iTunes store. The movie focuses on the research of Duke University professor Dan Ariely , a behavioral economist who has specialized in researching and writing about our ability to deceive ourselves and to cheat.

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Dis Honesty — The Truth About Lies is a documentary feature film that explores the human tendency to be dishonest. Inspired by the work of social scientist, Dan Ariely, the film interweaves personal stories, expert opinions, behavioral experiments, and archival footage to reveal how and why people lie. From scandalous headlines to little white lies, Dis Honesty — The Truth About Lies explores the complex impact dishonesty has on our lives and everyday society. Have you already seen the film and want to explore more dishonesty? It is meant to encourage meaningful and thoughtful discussions about our dis honest behavior. We believe talking about the complexity of honesty and dishonesty can bring us closer together and help us become our better selves.

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But little fibs can snowball into large-scale problems with major implications for society. Research also indicates that reminding people and ourselves about our own morality makes us behave better. Despite our intentions, why do we so often fail to act in our own best interest? Why do we promise to skip the chocolate cake, only to find ourselves drooling our way into temptation when the dessert tray rolls around? What are the forces that influence our behavior? Dan Ariely, James B.



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