How to write a poem about 9 11

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how to write a poem about 9 11

Poetry After 9/11: An Anthology of New York Poets by Dennis Loy Johnson

The first book ever published by Melville House, contains poems by forty-five of some of the most important poets of the day, as well as some of the literary world’s most dynamic young voices, all writing in New York City in the year immediately following the World Trade Center attacks.

After 9/11 poetry was everywhere—on telephone poles, on warehouse walls, in the bus shelters. People spontaneously turned to poetry to understand and cope with the tragedy of the attack. Full of humor, love, rage and fear, this diverse collection of poems attests to the power of poetry to express and to heal the human spirit.

Featuring poems by Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Dunn; Best American Poetry series editor David Lehman; National Book Award winner and New York State Poet Jean Valentine; the rstever Nuyorican Slam-Poetry champ; poets laureate of Brooklyn and Queens; and a poem and introduction by National Book Award finalist Alicia Ostriker.
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9/11 Survivor shares her story of getting out of World Trade One Tower

The authors of the poems, writings, and video below come from all walks of life and all ages
Dennis Loy Johnson

Remembering 9/11: Top 10 Poems in Tribute to September 11th

September 11, is a day worth remembering. Read on for quotes and poems to pay tribute to the day as well as those affected by it. Silence over Manhattan by Paula Bardell. Infernos upon retribution rise, Fanaticism maddening the flames, Its once imposing deities abscise, As the faceless antagonist proclaims: A consummation sweet but unfulfilled, A penetrative burst without regret, A zealous passion never to be stilled, An earthly instinct powerful, and yet — This bitter loathing blowing from the East, Curtailed but could not kill the feisty beast. What we learned on September 11 is that the unthinkable is now thinkable in the world. September 11 awoke us to the threat of terrorism. It was forever bookmarked in our history as the day when life as Americans knew it, changed forever.

No words were going to be enough. But as poets, it is our business to bear witness. We can't shrink from the things that we see or experience. And that's where I came up with a form that I call the 'directive poem. It actually came to me very quickly. I did a few small revisions on it, and it was done. This wasn't one of those poems that I labored on a lot.

9-11 Poems

The Poetry Foundation:. It was my second week as a newly-minted professor in the Midwest, September 11, , and I hustled to complete a lecture on imagery when my wife called. All I could think was, "why is she calling me ten minutes before I have to teach? By the time I arrived in the classroom, after hearing the full extent of the morning's events, I could barely get through the poem without breaking down in tears. It wasn't just the bag of ears that the Colonel pours across his opulent table. It's the violence at the perimeters of vision-the filed nails of the daughter, the moon hanging on a cord, the house surrounded by a wall of broken bottles, the gratings on the window, even the rack of lamb.


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