What is the movie pay it forward about

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what is the movie pay it forward about

Was Pay it forward a true story? I would... — Catherine Ryan Hyde Q&A

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Pay It Forward - How did it end?

Pay It Forward

Sign in. Breakout star Erin Moriarty of " The Boys " shouts out her real-life super squad of actors. Watch now. PROT is a patient at a mental hospital who claims to be from a far away planet. His psychiatrist tries to help him, only to begin to doubt his own explanations. A highly advanced robotic boy longs to become "real" so that he can regain the love of his human mother. A man against capital punishment is accused of murdering a fellow activist and is sent to death row.

Sign in. Young Trevor McKinney, troubled by his mother's alcoholism and fears of his abusive but absent father, is caught up by an intriguing assignment from his new social studies teacher, Mr. The assignment: think of something to change the world and put it into action. Trevor conjures the notion of paying a favor not back, but forward--repaying good deeds not with payback, but with new good deeds done to three new people. Trevor's efforts to make good on his idea bring a revolution not only in the lives of himself, his mother and his physically and emotionally scarred teacher, but in those of an ever-widening circle of people completely unknown to him. A school social studies assignment leads to social changes that spread from city-to-city.

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This site uses cookies and other tracking technologies to administer and improve your experience on our site, to help diagnose and troubleshoot potential server malfunctions, and to gather use and demographic information. See our cookie policy. Skip to Content. Get age-based picks. Despite the fact that far more time is spent on issues like alcoholism and spousal and child abuse rather than showing more of the positive ramifications of the idea of "paying it forward," the idea of practicing random acts of kindness is discussed and sometimes shown. Inspired by a social studies teacher who encourages his students to be aware of the bigger world beyond their school and neighborhood, 7th grader Trevor McKinney develops the idea of "paying it forward," a way for people to practice random acts of kindness and to make the world a better place. Trevor's social studies teacher is a tough but fair teacher who encourages his students to try and understand the world around them, and also encourages them to build their vocabulary.

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