What does the bible say about stealing inheritance

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what does the bible say about stealing inheritance

Inheritance Quotes (114 quotes)

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Published 14.01.2019

What Does the Bible Say? - Our Heavenly Inheritance

Presently we live in a time in history when aging baby boomers and their elderly parents are living longer. More and more Americans are surviving well into their eighties.

Inheritance and heirs

Christians can be living in thievery and not even know it. Examples of this could be lying on your tax returns or taking things without permission from your job. Refusing to pay back debts. Thievery starts with coveting and one sin leads to another. God does not deal with this sin lightly.

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In the Old Testament , we read that the Patriarch Abraham was a nomad, yet the Book of Genesis recounts that God promised him both a land as his inheritance, and kings and nations as his heir s see Big ideas: Patriarchs. Three generations later, the family unit was more settled. When land and possessions were passed on, the eldest son, the first born, received a double portion, with special blessing s attached. That is why, when Jacob deceived his twin brother, the first born Esau , and effectively stole his inheritance Genesis and Genesis , there were ongoing consequences of deep anger, strife and a family rift. Jacob first sold his famished older twin Esau a meal in exchange for his birthright. Jacob later deceived his blind old father Isaac into pronouncing over him the blessings intended for the firstborn son, Esau. The Children of Israel the Jew ish tribes descended from Jacob, whose name was later changed to Israel, see Big ideas: Jews, Hebrews, Children of Israel went to Egypt to escape a famine, but became enslaved there for years.

I recently shared a word the Lord spoke to me on how can to reclaim our inheritance. How can we reclaim that which has been stolen? Someone emailed me shortly after the first article to ask that very question. Can you imagine the lawyers and legal red tape that would be involved if you actually tried to go back into Ziklag today and take back your stuff? Good point!

Right away let me state that this post is based on the Christian conspiracy to deceive people into thinking the Bible speaks of a Christian inheritance. This is not focused on the conspiracy of the so-called Jewish people who currently occupy the physical country called Israel. These claim themselves to be the true natural descendants of biblical Israelites, but in reality, the vast majority are Gentiles. As a result, this post is a necessary reference point as almost all doctrines of Christianity are based on a Christian inheritance. We go deeper to see where the conspiracy came from, so you can see the religion for what it really is. Sadly, we shall see that the whole aim of the creators of Christianity, was to bury the inheritance of Israel for new covenant believers.

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