Amish mafia where are they now

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amish mafia where are they now

Amish Confidential by "Lebanon" Levi Stoltzfus

“Lebanon” Levi Stoltzfus, star of the hit Discovery Channel reality show Amish Mafia, delivers a sizzling tell-all about Amish life today. From the forbidden joyrides to the senseless shunnings to the colorful family feuds, he shares his frank insider’s view of this fascinating and secretive society.

You’ve seen the pretty postcards and the shiny tourist brochures. Now, Amish Confidential takes readers beyond the buggies, bonnets, and beards—into the hidden heart of back-roads Amish country. The all-night field parties. The prohibited automobiles. The nosy neighbors and prissy tattletales. It’s all here: the many “English temptations.” The stitch-and-bitch quilting bees. The sex, alcohol, and illicit Wi-Fi. And the random acts of kindness and remarkable forgiveness, too.

Interest in the Amish has never been greater. The tourist counts keep breaking new records. Amish Mafia is back for a fourth blockbuster season on TV, joined now by several spinoff shows. Amish Confidential taps right into America’s fresh fascination with the throwback Amish. Stoltzfus weaves his never-before-told personal story through some high-profile Amish episodes that rocked the news in recent years, including the Nickel Mines shooting massacre, the Amish sisters’ farm-stand kidnapping, and the Amish-Pagan drug gang. As America’s most famous Amish tough guy makes clear on every page, there is nothing plain or simple about the plain-and-simple life.
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Amish Mafia Myth

Amish Mafia , which aired for four seasons from to , was a massively popular reality TV show. It also holds one of the lowest ratings on IMDb ever, with 3. The series follows Lebanon Levi, a self-proclaimed Amish gangster, and his cohorts. But not everything is what it seems. This should come as no surprise since Amish Mafia is a reality TV show. Jeffrey Conrad, a former prosecutor in Lancaster County, has put hundreds of criminals in jail, but he says that during his seven-year tenure as a prosecutor, he never once heard of an Amish Mafia group, or anything close to one. He said he would have gone after them if that were the case.

Amish Mafia is an American reality television [1] series that debuted on December 12, , on the Discovery Channel. The series follows "Lebanon Levi", along with three of his assistants, who are purported to be a " mafia " in an Amish community. Although portrayed by Discovery Channel as documentary reality television, the authenticity of the series has been questioned by scholars, local newspapers and law-enforcement. There have also been accusations of the series being bigoted toward and defaming the Amish people. The series follows members of the "Amish Mafia" in their efforts to keep the peace within the Amish community in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and protect it from outsiders usually referred to as the "English" , as they deal with internal struggles for power as to who will lead the Mafia.



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  1. Not only do the two words not go together at all, the idea of a fringe sect of the Amish community trying to look out for the rest of them without being completely ostracized is extremely suspect.

  2. Esther has played along for the most part, although it was determined early on that she was an aspiring model who lived anything but a traditional Amish lifestyle prior to being cast on the show.

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