Hairy bikers welsh rarebit recipe

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hairy bikers welsh rarebit recipe

Rick Steins Food Heroes by Rick Stein

Rick Stein, one of the UKs most popular and respected chefs, opens your eyes to the wealth of produce available on your doorstep with his book, Rick Steins Food Heroes.

Now available for the first time in paperback as well as hardback, this book is both an inspirational collection of recipes and a delightful celebration of British ingredients and those who create them.

Rick has always encouraged us to think carefully about the food we eat, to seek out the best-quality ingredients and to cook them simply. In his accompanying TV series he travelled around Britain, searching out the best of all British produce, from bread to beer and lamb to cheese.

The book contains over 100 recipes, including all those broadcast on BBC2.

In addition to a host of brand new recipes (including Smoked Duck Breast Salad with New Potatoes and Fresh Raspberry Tart with Hazelnut and Coconut Pastry), Rick adds his own variations on traditional dishes, such as The Definitive Welsh Rarebit.
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How to make the perfect Welsh Rarebit

From Chicken & Egg, Si and Dave make a Welsh rarebit using Welsh beer - but you can also try cider or stout. See the full BBC Food recipe.
Rick Stein

Welsh rarebit

However, after getting through one of the soda breads pretty quickly I was keen to experiment with what else I could do other than toast it or slather it with low cholesterol margarine. And then I had a lightbulb moment and thought why not finally try and make some rarebit as I thought the taste and textures of this bread would complement each other perfectly. While cooking the bacon I got started on the rarebit which included 25g butter, 25g plain flour, ml strong dark ale, an egg yolk, g grated cheddar cheese, 2tsp of Dijon mustard, a pinch of cayenne pepper and a few twists of seasalt and black pepper. Once all the ingredients had been mixed to resemble a thick paste and it had cooled it was time to assemble. So on some thickly sliced toasted soda bread I added the cooked bacon and then covered everything with the rarebit before placing under the grill until it was golden and bubbling. Only next time I might switch the bacon for some Cumberland sausages and also add some sweet plum tomatoes.

S trictly speaking, I suspect the glamorgan sausage ought to fall into that much-maligned category of what evangelical omnivores like to term "fake meat" , being both sausage-shaped and sausage-monikered, but not actually containing any dead animals. Yet it doesn't seem to attract the same level of outrage as other vegetarian alternatives — perhaps because it's so unquestionably delicious. I suppose it's hard to feel vitriolic with crumbs round your mouth. The glamorgan sausage first pops up in print in the wonderfully Victorian travelogue, Wild Wales: Its People, Language and Scenery , but despite Wales' long reputation for fine meat, the recipe seems likely to be much older; as early as the 12th century, the chronicler Gerald of Wales remarked on the country's dependence on dairy produce. A product of necessity, rather than vegetarian principle, the glamorgan sausage apparently experienced a revival in popularity when meat rationing came into force, though I could find no wartime recipes to try, much to my disappointment. Happily, I wasn't short of more modern alternatives. Traditionally, one assumes the glamorgan sausage would have been made using the local cheese , which, given just one herd of the chestnut-coloured glamorgan cow remains, is sadly no longer in production.

Buck Rarebit has a poached egg served on top. It is one of the simplest cooked lunch dishes I know and very popular with my family. I have tried to give an idea of the quantities of ingredients, but mostly I do not weight what I use. A delicious addition is to spread the bread with some home made Tomato Relish or another relish or chutney — or even a scrape of Marmite love it or hate it? However, the recipe given below is for my usual everyday version with no frills, apart from those I am likely to include.

Place the cheese, mustard powder, egg yolks, Worcestershire sauce and cayenne pepper in a bowl and mix well. Toast the bread on one side, then cover the untoasted side with either caramelised onions or a slice of smoked ham.
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Phil Vickery's Welsh Rarebit - This Morning

A meaty stew ready to be warmed; some spicy chilli con carne you can pile high on a jacket potato; a smooth creamy soup that you can dunk hearty chunks of bread in? So, with this in mind, Mr Manning and I were even more amazed and proud by our recent foray into the creation of Welsh Rarebit. Glorified cheese on toast, you might say. And maybe it is. Start off melting butter and into it add your grated cheese. Toast your bread, and then pop it on a baking tray. Then spread the sauce over the bread, all the way to the edges, and as thick as you can get it.

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