127 hours cutting off arm scene

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127 hours cutting off arm scene

127 Hours by Rob Smith

The book that I read was 127 hours. The main character was Aron Ralston and he liked to explore in the mountains. He was exploring the mountains and he was riding his bike and he came across a sharp turn and he ran into a bush. Then he started to walk around and he had been walking for about two hours and then he stumbled upon two people needing directions. He had explored more with his new friends and found a hole between two rocks and had water so he just dropped and then he found there was water. He then left his friends and showed them the directions and let them go. Then a few hours later he had found a tunnel that he was going to walk across and then he had fell then a round rock about 500 pounds fell with him and then the rock got stuck between two rocks and his arm from his hand to his elbow so then the story starts where he is stuck between two rocks for 127 hours.
You should read this book because if you ever think about going exploring in the mountains. You should watch out for what happened to him and avoid what he did. So it won’t happen to you.
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Rob Smith

I cut my arm off, but it's audiences who faint, says 127 Hours' Aron Ralston

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In May , American mountain climber Aron Lee Ralston was forced to amputate his lower right arm with a dull knife in order to free himself after a boulder trapped his arm. He lived to tell the tale to GQ Sport. My plan was to climb all of Colorado's peaks that were over 14, feet high. On the canyoneering trip in Blue John Canyon in Utah, a boulder fell and pinned my right forearm, crushing it. It was the third day of the planned 5-day trip.

The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. It wasn't until fanatical outdoorsman Aron Ralston was sitting in a theatre in his home state of Colorado that it dawned on him just how the biopic Hours - about his perilous five days trapped in a canyon - would affect fellow moviegoers. First one person, about 20 rows away from Ralston, passed out cold. Then another young woman, making a beeline for the aisle, complained she was having a panic attack. The year-old canyoneer knew Danny Boyle's much-anticipated film packed a powerful punch - but he says he never expected people to react quite so viscerally to the segment where he's forced to amputate his right arm just below the elbow. I was thinking, I'm one cut closer to seeing my sister, one cut closer to seeing my mom and my dad.

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Aron Ralston explains how he cut off his arm

Yesterday I saw Hours , a movie supposedly about James Franco cutting off his arm. I wouldn't know, though, since I couldn't watch a second of the amputation action. What things are too nasty for you to see on screen? I wouldn't consider myself a squeamish viewer. Just a week before suffering the visual torture of the arm slicing scene in Hours , I was giggling away at Jackass 3D when Steve-O was trapped in a flying Port-a-Potty full of piss and crap.

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