When was george harrison born

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when was george harrison born

George Harrison ( of The Beatles Anthology)

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CBS Evening News - on the Death of George Harrison, Nov. 2001

Sometimes called "the quiet Beatle", Harrison embraced Indian culture and helped broaden the scope of popular music through his incorporation of Indian instrumentation and Hindu -aligned spirituality in the Beatles' work. By , he had begun to lead the Beatles into folk rock through his interest in Bob Dylan and the Byrds , and towards Indian classical music through his use of the sitar on " Norwegian Wood This Bird Has Flown ".
George Harrison

George Harrison is born

But he was right to point out that his true character remains elusive. He was one of the most famous men in the world, but he loathed superstardom. He preached piety and simple pleasures, yet he lived in a room mansion and collected ultra high-end cars. His studious facade belayed a brilliant sense of humor, which led him to produce some of the greatest comedies of all time. The songs he wrote focused on both the glory of God and the petty annoyances of day-to-day life. While undoubtedly proud of the band that vaulted him into immortality, he was loath to measure himself by their success.

Sign in. A master musician, a film producer and actor, best known as the lead guitarist and occasionally lead vocalist of The Beatles , George Harrison was born February 25, , in Liverpool, Merseyside, England. He was also the youngest of four children, born to Harold Harrison and Louise Harrison. Like his future band mates, Harrison was not born into wealth. Louise was largely a stay-at-home mom while her husband Harold drove a school bus for the Liverpool Institute, an acclaimed grammar school that George attended and where he first met a young classmate, Paul McCartney.

George Harrison , British musician, singer, and songwriter born Feb. McCartney and John Lennon had formed a rock band, the Quarrymen—which changed its name to Johnny and the Moondogs and then the Silver Beatles before it became the Beatles—and eventually invited Harrison and later Ringo Starr to join. In Harrison, having become intrigued with the sound of the sitar , studied with Ravi Shankar so that sitar music could be used in Beatles songs. Harrison was also becoming increasingly interested in Eastern religions and culture , and in he and the Beatles, as well as a number of other celebrities, explored transcendental meditation with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in India. This trip helped bring Eastern religion to the attention of the West and influenced dozens of subsequent Beatles songs, but Harrison was the only Beatle to actually make these religious principles part of his life. Following the breakup of the Beatles in , Harrison released the first of his many post-Beatles recordings, the highly successful triple album All Things Must Pass ; in he staged two concerts to raise money to fight starvation in Bangladesh—the prototype for later star-studded fund-raising events; and in he ventured into a new field, film production, as a founder of Handmade Films. In Harrison scored one of his biggest solo successes with the album Cloud Nine.

Born on February 25, , in Liverpool, England, George Harrison formed a band with schoolmates to play clubs around Liverpool and in.
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George Harrison

Nicknamed "the Quiet Beatle " at the height of Beatlemania, George Harrison did indeed seem somewhat reserved compared to the other members of the Fab Four. He favored wry wit to Ringo Starr 's clowning, and he never indulged in either John Lennon 's penchant for controversy or Paul McCartney 's crowd-pleasing antics. He preferred sly provocations to larger-than-life bravado. Harrison 's measured, considered persona was reflected in his music, particularly his clean, composed lead guitar parts but also in his earliest songs for the Beatles where he didn't seem to waste a line. With the introduction of psychedelics, spirituality, and Indian music in the mid-'60s, George 's horizons expanded considerably and he started to come into his own as a musician, releasing a pair of experimental albums on Apple's Zapple offshoot before settling into a songwriting style that spliced Dylanesque introspection with his natural pop grace, while also developing a unique slide guitar technique that owed nothing to the blues. Later Beatles albums hinted at this flowering of talent; The Beatles and Abbey Road contained some of his strongest work, with the latter including the standard "Something," a song Frank Sinatra called "the greatest love song of the past 50 years.

Born on February 25, , in Liverpool, England, George Harrison formed a band with schoolmates to play clubs around Liverpool and in Hamburg, Germany. The Beatles became the biggest rock band in the world, and Harrison's diverse musical interests took them in many directions. Post-Beatles, Harrison made acclaimed solo records and started a film production company. He died of cancer in November Pop star, songwriter, recording artist and producer George Harrison was born on February 25, , in Liverpool, England. The youngest of Harold and Louise French Harrison's four children, George played lead guitar and sometimes sang lead vocals for the Beatles.

George Harrison was born on 25 February in a tiny 'two up, two down' house on Arnold Grove, a cul-de-sac in the Wavertree area of Liverpool. He was the youngest of four siblings, with a sister Louise born and two brothers, Harry and Peter His father was a bus conductor who had worked as a ship's steward on the White Star Line, and his mother was a shop assistant in Liverpool. Some sources list George's birth date as 24 February, but his birth certificate specified the following day as the true date. George's first school was Dovedale Road, near to Penny Lane. He remained there from to

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