Colonial journal entry written by anna green winslow in 1771

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colonial journal entry written by anna green winslow in 1771

The Coldest City by Antony Johnston

As Communism collapses and the Berlin Wall crumbles, an undercover MI6 spy is killed while carrying priceless information--a list containing the name of every spy in Berlin.

But no list is found on his body.

MI6 sends veteran operative Lorraine Broughton to recover the list. But she walks into a powder keg of social unrest, counter-espionage, defections gone bad, and secret assassinations...

The Coldest City is a brand new spy thriller from author Antony Johnston and artist Sam Hart that revitalizes classic espionage fiction and revels in the paranoia and mistrust boiling over at the epicenter of the Cold War.
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Vintage Jane Austen Journal

English: a photo of an entry in Anna Green Winslow's diary. Date, Source, Project Gutenberg. Author, Anna Green Winslow.
Antony Johnston

Review of God’s Good Man: A Simple Love Story, by Marie Corelli

Anna Green Winslow November 29, — July 19, , a member of the prominent Winslow family of Boston , Massachusetts, United States, was a girl who wrote a series of letters to her mother between and that portray the daily life of the gentry in Boston at the first stirrings of the American Revolution. Anna was born in in Nova Scotia , where her father, Army officer Joshua Winslow , had moved to serve as commissary-general of the British forces there. Her mother, born Anna Green, was the daughter of a wealthy merchant and Joshua Winslow's cousin. On the Winslow side, Anna's great-great-great grandfather was John Winslow, the older brother of Pilgrim Edward Winslow , who arrived on the Mayflower , [8] as did Anna's great-great-great grandmother, Mary Chilton. The Winslows, unable to find in Halifax the society or the advanced schooling that would "finish" their daughter Anna, sent the then year-old girl to Boston to live with Judge Winslow's older sister, Sarah Deming, and her husband. According to her diary, Anna moved in the highest social circles. Some of her companions went on to marry future generals, wealthy merchants, eminent clergymen, and other notable men.

Reading and even re-reading some parts of these made me laugh almost to exhaustion. At Project Gutenberg gutenberg. It was written by a year-old girl, and published in The editor, Alice Morse Earle, included an in-depth family history. Anna was born in in Nova Scotia, Canada. Anna is clearly fascinated with people, and details visits and conversations with the many people she interacts with. She writes about fashions, the weather waist-high snow!

Spelling, punctuation and capitalization are as in the original. This includes the writer's various spellings of her own name. The portrait of Anna Green Winslow, originally printed as the Frontispiece, has been moved down a few pages to avoid visual collision with the book cover. IN the year , a bright little girl ten years of age, Anna Green Winslow, was sent from her far away home in Nova Scotia to Boston, the birthplace of her parents, to be "finished" at Boston schools by Boston teachers. She wrote, with evident eagerness and loving care, for the edification of her parents and her own practice in penmanship, this interesting and quaint diary, which forms a most sprightly record, not only of the life of a young girl at that time, but of the prim and narrow round of daily occurrences in provincial Boston. In no contemporary record or account, no matter who the writer, can be found such a vivacious and witty description of the modish hairdressing of that day as in the pages of this diary.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at www. See h. This includes the writer's various spellings of her own name. Ordinals such as "1st", "2d", "4th" were consistently written in superscript. They are shown here as unmarked text.

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